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  • What Krispy Kreme are You?
    Your Result: Original Glazed

    You are plain and average but you're quite popular among your friends. You stick to your roots and don't let others change you. You're truly an original and you're awfully proud of that.

    Custard Filled
    Chocolate Iced
    Devil's Food
    Q. 11 was dumb, OK quiz.
    6 stars

  • Your Result: Chocolate Iced

    You're mysterious, sly and almost as popular as Original. You've got more depth than Original, maybe a secret or two? You're outgoing and free willed. Everyone needs a Chocolate Iced in their lives.

    Original Glazed
    Devil's Food
    Custard Filled
    I give it 7 stars...it was okay...

  • Original glazed donut,not true at all. I'm the complete opposite of average and popular. I like to be a loner and be very creative alot. Being boring is so lame. No offense but bad quiz.

  • weird wait chocalate glazed i love that kind but my fave is jelly filleed : (


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