What kinda guy do u want?

Oh my god, how will i ever no what kinda guy i should be looking for. Well you can skip all the years of dating and dumping and take this quiz to find out what kinda guy is right for you.

Well there are three types of guys that you will most likely fall for. First there is the Romantic guy, then the funny and last but not least the down to earth guy.

Created by: Victoria

  1. when you tell him about your emotions what response do u like?
  2. You like to....
  3. Do you like guys who are
  4. do you like having serious conversations a lot?
  5. do you like the guy that
  6. on a Friday night you want your guy to
  7. do you want a guy who would defiantly change for you
  8. what are you looking for in a guy?
  9. do you want a guy who
  10. you want to find your soul mate by the age of?

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