What nature object are you?

You can do this. It may be kinda boring but its fun at the end. With all the points u'll wanna finish it. Its hard you never know when i'll subtract or add points so do it honestly.So if your a genius congrats you can do this with all the best efforts.

You cant do this. It may be kinda fun but its hard at the end. With all the points u'll not want to finish it. Its easy you never know when i wont subtract or add points so do it unhonestly. If your not a genius you can't do this with all your best efforts.

Created by: gangstachic

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you perfer to be a:: .tree .water .wind
  2. Are you:: .strong .peaceful .independent
  3. Do you have to have everything your way or you are okay?
  4. Would you rather die:: .in war .for what you want .what you believe in
  5. HONESTLY!! Are you stuck up?
  6. Are you a boy or girl? [[this does count]]
  7. Would you rather be:: .fighting .doing yoga .doing a petition
  8. Is this quiz hard?
  9. Are you going to finish?
  10. only 2 more....

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Quiz topic: What nature object am I?