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  • Um hi I'm a satanist I don't live by the bible I'm in the athiest satanism subcatergory and I was looking more for like "Reactive, Theistic, or Rationalistic Satanism" or a better more official term for the subcategory I'm apart of not really to be told I was a poser for not knowing the bible that I don't personally follow?¿

    Haizeb Oct 31 '18, 5:32PM
  • "I am an AN-AR-CHIST
    I am the AN-TI-CHRIST
    Dunno what I want, but I know how to get it
    I-I-I-I...wan-na bee-yuh
    AN-AR CHY-Y-Y-Y-Y!" -The Sex Pistols

    Vallin Jul 16 '16, 11:11AM
  • Am a laveyan satanist...and i knew i cud score thz pop quiz...i did

    denis Jun 17 '15, 4:50PM
  • True Satanist.
    LaVeyan, to be specific. ;)

    RainInTheShadows May 31 '14, 3:14AM
  • Well I'm a former atheist satanist now I'm just an atheist so I knew what to answer I still holding some of those believes

    latinosoul777 May 31 '12, 5:08PM
  • Yay, true satanist!

    Hikaru Katsu Nov 3 '09, 5:29PM
  • True Satanist.

    noroka Jul 9 '09, 5:10PM
  • I'm a pagan, but it says im a satanist.

    Metalhead36D May 12 '09, 7:22PM
  • Heh, I'm a true satanist!
    Not 100% correct, I don't class myself as a satanist, but was interesting all the same

    rattamahatta Dec 14 '07, 5:27PM

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