What kind of person are you?

Who are you? I mean seriously though.. Who are you? What are you doing reading this? You should be off doing the quiz! I did make it for you after all! Like Jesus Christ! Yes I do say the "lords" name in vain. Don't hate me just because I'm not Christian. Most of my friends are but I'm not! Just get on with it then. Bye bye!

What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to do the quiz! You did? You didn't like your answer!?! Hmm.. Well then.. I refuse to help.. Bye now. Do the quiz again and maybe you'll like your answer better.

Created by: Blackthistle

  1. Which of these color combinations are on your favorite Football(soccer) team jerseys?
  2. You enter a dance competition. What song do you choose?
  3. You're running through a maze and you come to a fourway point. Straight ahead you hear a war cry, to the right you hear the squaking of tropical birds, and to the left you hear screams of pain.
  4. The Football(soccer) team you support just won a game and now the other team's firm wants to beat you up. They have twice as many guys. What do you do?
  5. What's your favorite pastime?
  6. Which of these bands do you prefer?
  7. You run down a hallway. You take a left. Right. Left. Brick wall!
  8. And we Danced!
  9. FOOTBALL! What came to mind first?
  10. Canada is..

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I?