What kind of person are you?

hey if you want to see what kind of person u r then come and take this test. you get to see what type of person you are, some ques. are retarded but i got bored so try it!!!!!!!!!!!

hey you can be dumb, emo, nice, smart, cranky, or shy. cheak what you are if ur not sure come and take my quiz it's fun!!! try it now or i will eat you>>>>

Created by: paige301
  1. if an old lady was crosing the street and you saw that she fell in the streets what will you do?
  2. if a stranger told you to have sex with him will you go for it?
  3. do you do community service?
  4. are you sleepy?
  5. what is 100X100?
  6. are you bored?
  7. what do you like about yourself?
  8. what is your hair color?
  9. have you ever had more then 5 bf/gf?
  10. go to www. loser .com, did you go?
  11. are you hungry? cause i am!
  12. if you were stranded in an island with no one around what will you take?

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I?