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  • Your Result: Classical music. 62%

    You love classical music. You probably have a classy and somewhat formal style in your dress, talk, and decor. I recommend Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, and Chopin for some great classical composers.

    62% Oldies music.
    46% Country music.

    16% Other. Rap/indie/alternative/Latin/jazz/etc.

    16% Rock music.
    0% Pop music.

    I typically have a wide variety of what kind of music I listen to. But good quiz anyways. :)

  • Your Result: Rock music. 79%

    You love rock music (especially 90s/ 80s rock). This is a great genre. You might have a grunge style in your dress, talk, and decor. Or maybe classic rock is more your thing. Either way, please comment and rate if you can!

    40% Oldies music.
    26% Country music.

    14% Other. Rap/indie/alternative/Latin/jazz/etc.

    14% Pop music.
    0% Classical music.

    • I mean I mostly listen to a varied range of music... But mostly MCR.


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