What kind of music do you like best?

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Have you ever wondered what kind of music beat fits you? Or do you just want to see if I can guess your fave kind of music? Well, this is the right place.

We are Misty and Lily, and we will take you through a sample day to make choices about fashion, artists, and hobbies to see if we can accurately guess your ideal music style.

Created by: Misty and Lily
  1. It's an ordinary school day. You wake up, eat breakfast, and open your closet to find something to wear. What do you naturally reach for?
  2. You got dressed. Now, it's time to do your hair. What is your hairstyle of choice?
  3. Okay, now it's time to ride to school. What do you do on the bus?
  4. In your first period class, it's time for a test. Are you prepared?
  5. It's lunch time now. You and your friends discuss your favorite music artists. They ask you who one of your favorites is.
  6. School is over. Your best friend Mari invites you to a party at her house. You accept, and begin getting ready. What do you wear?
  7. What makeup do you put on?
  8. You go to the party and your crush is there. He says hello. What do you do?
  9. Do you enjoy the party? Why?
  10. When you get home, what do you do?
  11. You go to bed at what time?
  12. Almost done! What describes your personality?
  13. What is your favorite color palette?

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Quiz topic: What kind of music do I like best?