What kind of Mom are you?

Before we have kids, we think we know it all. Then we have them, and we panic! Are you starting to appreciate your Mom more now that you have kids? Do you parent the same way she did, or strike out in new directions? What kind of Mom are you?

Are you hip and happening, or wondering what happened to your hips? Do you rush out the door in designer clothes, or still in your bunny slippers? What's it all mean, anyway? What's YOUR Mom profile? Take our quiz and find out!

Created by: viv of Cool Moms Rule
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  1. Think back. When you first thought about having children, the first thing that came to your mind was:
  2. Before I had children, my home was:
  3. In the delivery room, I told my partner:
  4. I wanted to have:
  5. When my children were little, I never left the house without...
  6. Once my children are old enough to get married and/or move out on their own, I will...
  7. These days, my body...
  8. My partner...
  9. My best friend
  10. What is the best lesson you have learned from being a Mom? (This is the last question! Promise!)

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Quiz topic: What kind of Mom am I?