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  • this my favorite quiz i got tomboy woo hoo im also sporty girl

    united states Oct 5 '13, 11:58PM
  • tom boy!! SOO TRUE! And it fits me to! And boy + girl = :(
    And pink = Ewww!

    tomboys Dec 14 '12, 8:11PM
  • What Kind of Girl are You?
    Your Result: Tomish Boy

    You are a Tomish Boy! You like some boy things, but you still like things that girls like too. You may not love things like make-up, but you still would have a pink room. You are a big girl at heart with boy interests.

    Tot ally me! :D awesome quiz!

    ocean Jun 11 '12, 6:06PM
  • I got fun loving girl... 25% true but I'm a tomboy ya know.

    sharooisthebest Dec 30 '09, 6:26PM
  • I got tom boy of coure i hate makeup and clothes but i love sports!

    iloveclubpenguin Feb 21 '09, 4:20PM
  • Girly Girl. Of course, it's very true.

    MystiqueBeauty16 Aug 4 '08, 12:08PM
  • I got tomish boy but really im a tom boy

    Samantha Aug 1 '08, 2:51AM
  • Your Result: Fun Loving Girl

    You are a fun loving girl! You love anything fun. You are where ever the party is! You probably like dancing, playing, and doing make up. You will never be a party that you won't go to!

    Tomish Boy
    Girly Girl
    Tom Boy
    Sporty Girl

    Rockstar Jul 6 '08, 9:45PM
  • Ok greatnesslol i was a girly girl too and i really doubt you are better then me and my friends get a life!!!!!

    Huntersbabe Jun 23 '08, 4:55PM
  • i got sporty girl but i am somewhat girly!! :p

    broadwaybound55 Jun 21 '08, 8:56AM
  • woo for sporty girl!
    i hate girly stuff though. i would've expected to get tom boy or something.
    makeup, high heels, pink, dogs in little pink totes.....blah.

    tsubasataira Jun 21 '08, 2:12AM
  • Dummo is dumbo im a sporty gurl probablly cuz i love SPORTS im very athletic!!!

    swiss101 Jun 19 '08, 9:03PM
  • yeah w/e any1 want a email addy?
    Tigger57@hot mail.co.uk

    hannahbob Jun 19 '08, 1:31PM
  • wah????? im soooo not girly. i mean, if i cut my hair in a certain way, ppl would think i was a boy! wtf?!

    Funkyhatferret Jun 18 '08, 6:46PM
  • me?........girly?
    u hav gotta be kiddin me!
    i am not a girly girl!
    i h8 pink ...i h8 girly stuff!
    ur quiz is s---!

    leiau0 Jun 18 '08, 10:52AM
  • ummm yeah this test was good...NOT!

    MYRASOSWEET Jun 5 '08, 3:02AM
  • i'M A GiRLy GiRl!yAy!!i'M ENtIREly fABUlOUS!!i'M WAy BEttER tHAN yOU!!!hA hA

    greatness101 Jun 4 '08, 5:28PM
  • sorry, but that was a really bad quiz...

    bubblz Jun 4 '08, 2:13PM
  • Girly Girl? You're s---ting meh right XD complete polar oppisite of one but w.e

    ltlbabeangel Jun 2 '08, 11:33AM
  • Your Result: Sporty Girl

    You are a a sporty girl. You love sports and being active. You probably like being outside instead of inside. If you could do anything it would involve an adventure or sports. You would love something like tennis, but probably not football.

    Tom Boy
    Tomish Boy
    Fun Loving Girl
    Girly Girl

    cool. I <3 sports. I think the tomboy description fits me a little bit too. =] Pink = EWwwww......

    Puppy xo1 Jun 1 '08, 9:52PM
  • Your Result: Tom Boy

    You are a tom boy! You like most of the things boys like, but are a girl at heart. You love playing outside and sports. You probably will stay away from colors like pink and light blue. You still wouldn't miss a sleepover though.

    wow. i was dared 2 take this quiz. lol ok i guess. O_o

    threedaysgrace09 Jun 1 '08, 9:03PM

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