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  • Your Result: Pixie

    You are mischevious, and have a special talent at playing pranks. You are small, but not to be underestimated. You hate criticism, but love to party. You have a small, select group of friends. Shiny things are your obsession.

    hah a! good quiz! i cant believe i got pixie! why not have vampire? lol 10 stars

  • Your Result: Gryphon

    You are brilliant; you love to solve puzzles and gain knowledge. You hoard treasure, but are not COMPLETELY obssessed with it. You are noble, courageous, and have a soft interior beneath your hard shell.

    It is so true!! hahahaha just kidding... love this quiz, congrats!!

  • Pixie,I might appear fragile but am very brave and strong mentally and physically. I don't give up easily not without a good fight at least and I am very mysterious and adventurous too. Cool quiz mate.

  • Ima Siren!!!!! the only thing that doesn't describe me in the description of the siren though is that apparently I like to sing XP which I don't lol XD otherwise it fits me!

  • I am apparently a Gryphon, the description does fit me quite accurately.

  • Um, Imma Pixie, but.... what I answered to the question was completely the opposite of what it told me when I got my answer.

    BTW, what's a PhoenixGryphon Siren

  • haha i got pixie too i absolutely love shiny things ask any of my friends if i c sumthing shiny i say i must have it (but no i wont actually steal it if its in a store) =P

  • Ohlala...
    Gyrphon - love those animals!
    J uvs


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