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  • German Shepherd exatcly like me protective of my friends very lel

    NightVisions101 Jul 12 '16, 4:37AM
  • So mean cuz I wanted the puggy cuz my fav! :( instead I got pug as the last

    Fluffydog258247 Apr 15 '16, 8:38PM
  • Alaskan Malamute

    You love being outdoors and spend very little time indoors. You love to run and tend to run around the block at least once a day. Like many your an athlete but your a track runner. You can get very excited some times to excited and you get on your friends nerves. You don't like being told what to do and tend to argue with those who do.

    lakeshine Mar 25 '16, 7:22PM
  • im a Alaskan Malamute

    TabulateJarl8 Feb 29 '16, 1:22PM
  • 90% Alaskan malamute

    cleveland yeay Jan 12 '16, 8:01PM
  • 77% Alaskan malamute

    Livi cool Jan 5 '16, 1:25PM
  • GSD all da way

    Kickinrad Oct 17 '15, 3:28PM
  • German shepherd 93%. Its okay but i am just sayin they should add Pitbull,

    MrCapoodles Sep 26 '15, 7:52PM
  • hmmm

    cog Aug 18 '15, 8:04PM
  • Alaskan Malamute. Aww! I think they're so adorable :) :) :)

    MeadowRB Aug 7 '15, 2:06PM
  • german sherped lol i love dem tho 99%

    kittycat2521 Feb 26 '15, 11:50AM
  • toy poodle? toy poodle! REALLY OMG RUDE MUCh...lol/;p;

    lightningbolts Jan 25 '15, 12:17AM
  • It's hard to take seriously when this is rife with spelling errors (like 'your' vs. 'you're') and when asked to choose a country, I am given the choice of a content, and two cities! What the hey?????

    Word Guru Jan 18 '15, 9:40PM
  • pug 84% im okay with that

    fredrik boros Nov 25 '14, 10:55AM
  • Alaskan malamute 89%

    German Shepherd 88%


    kent69 Nov 16 '14, 12:38AM
  • My Result: American Cocker Spaniel 84%

    Your very friendly but you tend to be more shy around strangers. Your peaceful and just love to lie back and relax. You don't like to work to hard and would rather lay and bed and read a book than do homework.You can be very defensive at times which is a bit of a turn off to others.

    07thecreeper Oct 17 '14, 1:47AM
  • Rottvieler! Hells yeah!

    Btw africa isn't a country, it's a continent like Europe and Asia

    DaScyder Oct 8 '14, 4:06PM
  • Wow. I got 77% German Shepherd and 73% Toy Poodle. Quite Bizzare.

    Graystripe Aug 28 '14, 4:17PM
  • i liked this quiz and love dogs!

    gummybear32 Jul 30 '14, 5:49PM
  • German Shepard all the way! Its in my blood!

    MinecrafGuardian Jul 17 '14, 4:07AM
  • Alaskan Malamute :)

    Sparkster 2005 Jul 6 '14, 2:22AM
  • *Papillon.

    AstronautTurtle Jul 1 '14, 5:06PM

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