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  • i am skin headed .

    jemah jempot Apr 17 '18, 4:22AM
  • :( I'm not allowed to see my dad and I haven't seen him since I was 2

    Beautiful123 Jun 11 '16, 2:47PM
  • I am a punk and bratty. My Daddy LOVES it. He spoils me and I let him. He makes sure I am safe and don't get scared. I fight with him about it but I LOVE it in secret. He tolerates my temper tantrums and holds me while they pass. I have a difficult time letting myself be little but I am happiest when I do.

    JooJoo Dec 3 '15, 8:57PM
  • Spoiled

    Lexi23232 Jun 1 '15, 5:15PM
  • Happy-Go-Lucky ;)

    Coolkc456 Dec 20 '14, 7:15PM
  • Daddy's little girl

    Linden69 Oct 14 '14, 5:36AM
  • Princess...

    DaddysLittlegirl Jun 30 '14, 3:43AM
  • I am punk...wo0t! Wo0t!

    kira rayne Feb 27 '14, 11:29PM
  • punk,lol YEAH BABY! 3:) V""V

    Andrea hensley Oct 1 '13, 5:51AM
  • i've got sexy!

    chak bun buun Mar 19 '12, 2:51AM
  • I got Punk~


    ClassyCoke Mar 12 '12, 9:08AM
  • happy-go-lucky

    IcyDesignns Mar 12 '12, 8:54AM
  • Happy-Go-Lucky

    PurpleCherries Mar 12 '12, 1:47AM

    sandraa Mar 11 '12, 12:23AM
  • Your Result: Happy-go-lucky

    You are sweet, and quiet. You do what Daddy says and may be a little bit of a bookworm. One of your favorite activities is cuddling, and you're a little bit of a romantic. Daddy enjoys being around you because you always do what you're told and you're forever grateful and appreciative. Daddy loves you more than he could ever express. You believe that you two will grow old together. You and your Daddy may enjoy: Watching movies, cuddling, going out with friends, and listening or playing your favorite music.
    Yeah..... My dad doesn't love me because I obey him, I actually argue with him to get my own way call me a brat but still most of it is pretty much correct anyway I liked the quiz

    Jayla Mar 10 '12, 11:15PM

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