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  • Anurak

    Anurak pakpian Jul 6 '15, 11:26PM
  • I'm a Wolf :3 I Love Wolves and i am part Wolf. :3

    ShewolfTherian Dec 30 '14, 12:06PM
  • I'm a wolf and my runner up is a monkey which makes sense cuz my zodiac animal is a monkey

    Howlermoon Jul 20 '14, 4:40AM
  • wolfy:You are agile, misunderstood and fierce. You can't be alone and depend on others like family and friends. People are intimidated of you, yet you have a good side also.

    ahh-oooooo oo

    dragongirl Jun 24 '14, 2:36AM
  • the she wolf i am

    stormfur May 28 '14, 9:39PM
  • how am i a whale when i said i like air?

    KrimanalTaDragon Feb 1 '14, 4:52PM
  • limited much!! i chose tiger for the last question and my result is the wolf... odd. i do luv both animals

    _StormRyder_ Jan 30 '14, 5:15PM

    InternetChick Dec 11 '13, 6:12PM
  • I am a WHALE!! :D

    lovebooksandme Sep 28 '13, 10:19AM
  • I'm a monkey because I'm friendly? Have you seen monkeys irl? They are not friendly. They are possibly the nastiest animals on the planet.

    DalekThay Aug 2 '13, 3:13AM

  • .______ ___________.

    unikat35006 Jul 26 '13, 6:47PM
  • hey guys,I'm a monkey.

    TailsPrower24 Feb 16 '13, 8:01PM
  • Im a wolf... I WANTED TO BE A HORSE!!!! WAAAAAAAHH!! ;_; guess they dont have horses in the category.. oh well! To the next quuiizz!!!! Lol :D

    horselover9 Nov 30 '12, 10:39PM
  • wolf!hhhhooowwwllll *this ones spot on. Fierce intimidating misunderstoodthat's so me!

    vampiresmymuse Apr 20 '12, 8:03AM
  • of coarse im a wolf duh!!!!! i am one in real life too so of coarse its true

    truewolf14 Mar 9 '12, 12:11PM
  • Wow, I'm a whale, I wanted to be a wolf, but i suppose the whale describes me like i dunno.....PERFECT!! Anyhoo....LOVE THIS QUIZ!!!!!!!

    hm41226 Jan 8 '12, 5:41PM
  • i am a monkey yay

    ruby62 Dec 29 '11, 5:26PM
  • wow it said i was wolf this time i think its real

    j decomarmond Oct 11 '11, 1:34PM
  • LOL imma monkey!!!!

    luvlolli Oct 8 '11, 7:59AM
  • Your Result: Tiger

    You are extremely powerful, yet naturally beautiful. You are independent and don't need others to care for you. You find it hard to attatch yourself to other people.

    Unikat Sep 23 '11, 10:47PM
  • Your Result: Whale

    You are independent, strong and powerful. You are graceful and probably love water. People find it very easy to be around you and make friends and most people love you. However, there is that temper that people need to watch out for
    Sorta like me I guess...

    Unikat Sep 23 '11, 10:45PM
  • I GOT WOLF!!!!!!!!!!! FEAR ME >:D

    amberk99 Sep 13 '11, 3:29PM

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