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  • describe ur first kiss!
    "how old were u? where were u? what were ur feelings/emotions?"
  • "my names taylor but idk wut i would want it to be...somthing weird with like a v or a z or somthing in it. i like the name kell..."
  • "haha LOPSIDED LLAMAS (how do u do bold)"
  • Flip Side of the pillow
    "haha i like it here"
  • random stuff!!!!
    "ok so just say wutever is on ur mind... like...anything as long as its somwut random. ill start... pudding!...haha idk why but pudding alway..."
  • Weird Dreams
    "im a dog person. i like labrador retrievers! and most other big dogs..."
  • "yeah im majorly afraid of being buried alive...but im mostly afraid of bears and sharks. but those arent really weird fears. they r pretty c..."
  • Flip Side of the pillow
    "VERY random topic... but yes i do love how that happens. i always end up sleeping with my arms under the pillow because it feels so cool...u..."
  • Heartbreak 101
    "wow well nobodys posted on here for awile so here i am! anywhoo... so my heartbreaking story goes like this...well i dated this i guy...uhh ..."
  • ????
    "haha uhhh i dont think the killing plan would go to ur advantage... although it might be worth trying... but yeahh...wut did they lie about?..."
  • "wooow...umm yea i would let him kno how u tell him that u have feelings for him and ask him if he does for u too... if he does t..."
  • "haha idk wut to say right now... i guess that u shouldnt feel weird about it...yea"
  • What do I do?? Help!!
    "does he kno u like him? cause i would explain to both him and ur friend that u like him but dont want to ruin their relationship so ur not g..."
  • "umm i think there kinda cool but kinda creepy in a way. i dont kno if i would date one or be afraid to wake up in the middle of the..."
  • Advice please
    "yeah i think u should trust him and not be too worried. just tell him u want to spend more time with him. and a[no urls] want a carnation......"

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