What 2moons Class Are You

The 2moons world of Haran has many unique races. And each race or class has an outstanding feature that keeps them above each other. What is it that makes you different from others? Your virtue, your point of life and the reason you fight!

What race or class are you most likely to be in the world of Haran? The noble Bagi? The silent Segita? The honorable Azure? The deadly Summoners? The kind Segnale? The mysterious Incar? Or the peaceful Augur?

Created by: bob kelso
  1. What would you most likely do during your free time.
  2. When you see an badly injured dog on the road but its awfully disgusting. What would you do?
  3. When you "get in on" with your spouse or mate, what would you prefer?
  4. You and a couple of your friends go hunting. Suudenly a big ugly monster appears and attacks your group. What will you most likely do?
  5. If you were in an american football team, what roll will you play?
  6. You are thrown into the middle of a modern day colliseum, and you have the following weapons to choose, which one will you most probably take?
  7. The terminator has been sent from the future to kill you. What would you do?
  8. Who would you rather be in real life among these people?
  9. You have recently subscribed to an All-In-One Sports service on TV, which sport will you most likely watch?
  10. You are going to a superhero convention in a costume. Which one would you most probably wear?

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