The World of Geography

Hello everyone my name is Cameron Alli!!! I'm in Ms Melvin's class in fifth grade. If your in my class you'll know who I am if your Chris Corum,Angie, Dan Davisson,Dan Habor Skyler Banse, or Edd Hamilton. Okay I snagged some of these question of a test I had in Ms Gallant's class. It's called "The World of Geography - Chapter 1" so I named this quiz world of geography. You should be familiar with these questions if your in my class cause you took this test.

I'm Cameron Alli and are you a genius in science??? If your in my class and your taking this quiz, maybe Skyler Banse Edd Hamilton or Chris Corum you'll notice that I snagged some of these questions when we took a test in Ms Gallant's room. If you didn't study you might not do so well but good luck.

Created by: Cameron Kuro Alli

  1. A representation of the Earth on a flat piece of paper is called a what?
  2. A round model of the Earth is called a what?
  3. One of four compass points--north, east, sout, and west-- is called a what?
  4. All flat maps show some ___, or misrepresentation, of the original shapes.
  5. A globe shows the Earth's continents on a much smaller ___
  6. The study of the Earth and its people is called what?
  7. An invisible line that forms an east-west circle around the Earth is called both a(n) __________ and line of ___________
  8. An imaginary line that circles the Earth from north to south is called both a(n) ________ and line of ________
  9. Geographers measure locations east or west of the ________, which is numbered 0 degrees.
  10. The parallel in the middle of the globe is called the ________
  11. Through their study of the Earth, geographers learn how the Earth and its people affect
  12. To learn more about the Earth, geographers organize information according to what themes?
  13. Which pair of basic questions guides geographers in their work?
  14. What do geographers learn by studying the theme of human-environment interaction?
  15. Latitude and longitude lines help geographers identify
  16. The most accurate way to show the Earth's continents and bodies of water is with a
  17. Which of the following statements explains why there are always distortions in a map?
  18. The gaps in an interrupted projection map make it hard to

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