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  • HIM: Vampire Heart

    Well...the name suites me...

    Beaver Jan 8 '17, 3:02PM
  • Afi....damn....i wanted 3DG

    Tess Gillett Oct 25 '14, 2:05PM
  • I was hoping for Three Days Grace. They're my favorite band

    katd13 Aug 2 '12, 11:11PM
  • Avenge sevenfold, ok but I was hoping for something be Bullet for my Valintine or by Three Days Grace.

    Raeyasha Aug 1 '12, 11:30AM
  • i`ll think it was good enof

    joeline Jan 17 '11, 5:04PM
  • Oh yeah, Puppy xo1! I got the same answer! But I totally love Evenescence! They're totally amazing! And Fall Out Boy. But Cool quiz.

    musicgirl Sep 2 '10, 11:43PM
  • all these songs suck basically

    DropDeadPunk Sep 3 '09, 7:49PM
  • what is your rock/metal theme song?
    Your Result: HIM: Vampire Heart

    You got HIM's Vampire heart, which is a very beautiful and dark song...congrats you genious person you! "You can't escape the wrath of my heart, beating to your funeral song. All faith is lust for hell regained and love dust in the hands of shame..."

    Fall Out Boy: Golden
    Evanescence: Lithium
    Evanescence: All That I'm Living For
    Avenged Sevenfold: Trashed and Scattered
    Breaking Benjamin: Diary of Jane
    Evanescence: Haunted
    AFI: Girl's not Grey

    Puppy xo1 Mar 21 '08, 5:07PM
  • I only know the band Fall Out Boy. U should put better answers? were those even rock bands?

    Puppy xo1 Mar 21 '08, 5:04PM
  • Awww man...I knew I left out a TON of great bands...problem is...I created this at like, 2:30 in the morning! Lol sorry about some of the lame song choices

    azeil7991 Mar 19 '08, 4:21AM
  • aw man. i thought this wud be a rock quiz, but it was about like goth music and stuff...but it was pretty cool

    r_guitar Mar 15 '08, 5:55PM

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