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  • i know you sometimes get a joint top result. i did this on purpose so if you don't like the one you get, you can choose one of the others.

  • what is your patronus (harry potter)
    Your Result: osprey

    you are clever, and cunning. you like to plan before you jump into anything, but don't often back down form a challenge. you like to be at the head of a group, and hate standing around while others, try, and fail, to solve a problem.

    100% snow leapord
    100% gorilla
    67% artic hare
    50% threstal
    50% seal
    50% zebra
    50% cat
    33% wolf
    0% penguin

    Wonderland Alice
  • thanks for taking my quiz, i really appreciate it. XD

  • I got a wolf!

  • I got wolf, though thestral was tied right below for 100%. Generally accurate, though I absolutely despise working in groups. :P Anyway, I thought it was fun and I really appreciated the number of options there were. Great quiz! :)


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