what is your patronus (harry potter)

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i know your thinking, oh not another patronus test, but i have tried to make mine acurate, and added more options than just a stag and an otter. therefore, you can see what your real patronus will be, and not just which main character you are most like.

i know it's a bit long so sorry, but you need more questions when you have more awnsers, and for it to be completely acurate then i have used ten possible awnsers. so please stick with be and rate at the end, as a lot of effort went into this. thanks.

Created by: webshine

  1. do you like to keep to yourself
  2. do you like to take charge?
  3. are you a good team player?
  4. do you sometimes shy away from danger?
  5. do you always feel safer with friends?
  6. do you find yourself forced into leadership?
  7. do you love to play jokes on your friends?
  8. are you good at cheering your friends up?
  9. do you find you often get into trouble?
  10. are you a 'dark' person?
  11. do you always have a friend at your side?
  12. do you dream of being famous?
  13. do you like to plan everything out?
  14. are you good at making decisions?
  15. would you describe yourself as 'always ready for a challenge'?
  16. will you always help a friend in danger?
  17. do you consider yourself as clever?
  18. are you a good leader?
  19. do you find you work better alone?
  20. are you a secritive person?
  21. do you pride your quick reactions?

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Quiz topic: What is my patronus (harry potter)