What is your midichlorian count?

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What are midichlorians you ask? Midichlorians tell you how strong you are in the force are just an average person? Or are you lord of all? Come find out in this Star Wars themed quiz!

Are you lord of all or protector of the peace? Or are you just a regular guy? Find out how strong you are in the force could you have the capability to rule the galaxy?

Created by: Alexander
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  1. The key to victory over you enemy is...
  2. How did Jedi master Shaak Ti die.
  3. Who was Anakin Skywalker's Apprentice?
  4. Finish this quote: do or...
  5. Who started the rebellion against the empire?
  6. When did Darth Bane live?
  7. What is the last verse to the Sith code?
  8. Who has the highest midichlorian count?
  9. What was Darth Vader's personal star destroyer called?
  10. Who was the template for all clones?

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