So you think you know "The Count is 3"?

What do you know about one of the most dynamic and fun bands in the Twin Cities? Who is "The Count is 3" and what do they do that is so interesting in the music scene? These questions will unravel the mysteries of the band, whether you get them right or wrong.

How well do you know "The Count is 3"? Are you a genius who attends all of their shows, or someone who is interested in learning more about them. In either case, this quiz is for you!

Created by: Jake Nylund of Myspace
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  1. Where do we practice?
  2. What was the first song we ever wrote?
  3. Which song on our space contains the lyrics: "The worst thing is that...this is my biggest fear"?
  4. Now a bit more difficult...which song contains the lyrics: "Wishing that some things would change...cuz now her life is feeling strange"?
  5. What label are we signed to?
  6. The song "What Happened to Tom?" is a ballad about which guy.
  7. Where did we play our first show?
  8. What is currently our newest song?
  9. Where are we from? (Don't look back)
  10. What competition were we involved in this fall?
  11. What does our name really stand for?
  12. Final question: Will you come to our next show?

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