what is your modichrorian count

My quiz is a great quiz about trying to figure out your midichlorian count.Unlike most quizes it asks you stupid questions like how many Star Wars episodes are there but I ask good questions like," Do you have visions ? " So take my quiz.

My title says it all , my quiz is all about figuring your midichlorian count.Unlike most midichlorian count quizes , it asks you stupid questions kike how many Star wars episodes there are. My questions are good like "Do you have visions?" So take a quiz.

Created by: zac elliott
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You have visions sometimes?
  2. Are you wise?
  3. Can you see things before they happen?
  4. Can you kinda use the force?
  5. What is your midichlorian count to you?
  6. Are you patient?
  7. Which Jedi rank are you ? BE HONEST
  8. Fear is the path to the Dark side
  9. Are you strong with the force ?
  10. Can you uce Jedi Mind Tricks or trick people easily

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Quiz topic: What is my modichrorian count