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  • You have a 15% rate! 15%

    You are very feminine. You dislike masculine things very much and you hate all of them. You are considered pretty, but maybe too much fashion?

    Right, because being feminine means you hate everything masculine and are obsessed with fashion 😂

  • You have a 24% rate! 24%

    You are casually feminine. You dislike masculine things, but you can still tolerate them. You also love being nice to everyone.

    whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm a guy...

  • Casual feminine? No-
    I love boy things
    Girly things are a little gross-

    And being feminine doesnt mean you hate male things!

    I can more than tolerate them
    Im considered a boy-
    Am I?

    Anonymous Idiot
  • Mine wasn't very accurate, but still great quiz!

  • You have 31% rate
    I'm mild feminine
    Everything it said was wrong like bish


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