What is your mental gender?

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There are a lot of people in the world. Their genders are categorized as males and females, but actually some of them are different than usual people.

Are you the one who is usual or different? To know, take this quiz and find out your gender rate, use this rate and description to compare the result to the reality! Please be honest!

Created by: Matmail
  1. You are shy.
  2. You are self-reliant.
  3. You are soothing.
  4. You are calm.
  5. You are compassionate.
  6. You are introverted.
  7. You are analytical.
  8. You are moody.
  9. You are risk-taker.
  10. You are emotional.
  11. You are hard-worker.
  12. You are careful.
  13. You are humble.
  14. You are independent.
  15. You are honest.
  16. You are creative/imaginative.
  17. You are full-of-surprises.
  18. You are helpful.
  19. You are energy giver/motivator.
  20. You are kind giver.
  21. You are easy to forgive.
  22. You are rarely making problems.
  23. You are sport-player.
  24. You are novel/book reader.
  25. You are fashion-oriented.
  26. You are attentive.
  27. You are nervous.
  28. You are polite.
  29. You are childish.
  30. You are selfish.
  31. You are obedience.
  32. You are loyal.
  33. You are mild.
  34. You are assertive.
  35. You are forceful.

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Quiz topic: What is my mental gender?