Warriors: Your rogue Clan cat

MADE FOR MALES BUR FEMALES MAY TAKE!!! Which will you get? Weaker, cute, clever Ember? Handsome, strong, loyal Bramble? Fierce, strong, bloodthirsty Rat? Or leader, fast, quick-witted Rag? Which rogue cat best suits you?

MADE FOR MALES BUT FEMALES MAY TAKE!!! Are you tired of being in a Clan? Does Ant of the Clans annoy you? Then you should join the rogue Clan! It's worth a try !

Created by: Shadowstar
  1. Hello, I'm Shadowstar, the leader of DragonClan, and I'm going to invite in some rogues and traitorous cats to ask you some questions.
  2. Tigerstar: Hello, fellow rogues. First question; What do you think of being a rogue?
  3. Tigerstar: Were you reluctant to leave your Clan or old life?
  4. Tigerstar: What Clan were you born in the territory of?
  5. Scourge: How old we're you when you left your place of birth?
  6. Scourge: What Clan would you like to destroy?
  7. Bone: What was your mother's name?
  8. Bone: What was your father's name?
  9. Boulldrstar: How many cats have you killed in your lifespan?
  10. Sagepelt: Last question. How much do you want to kill Shadowstar?

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Quiz topic: Warriors: my rogue Clan cat