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  • Emo and lonely,yep and like it that way as I hate being around people usually due to my abusive past and trust issues in others. Besides being a loner is honestly quite peaceful and beneficial to me.

  • Emo/Lonely 100%
    true but i don't really want friends though
    they always hurt me...

  • Your Result: Normal

    Your normal. You don't really fit in to a particular stereotype. You have lots of friends. So you can either say you're all stereotypes, or none.

    I have no friends. I don't like how the answers were obvious as to which result you were going to get. And for the art question for the flower vase thing, I would have put red because it's my favorite color, but then I saw that you put something like "so it reminds me of blood from the people I've killed and hurt :D". Just no. I don't cut, I've never hurt or killed anyone. It's pretty much implying that because my favorite color is red, I like to kill and hurt people. And that's not true.

  • Normal ; truuuue

  • I don't cut when I'm at school.....good way to get expelled


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