What is your high school stereotype?

This quiz is mainly aimed at girls. You can still take it if your a guy but don't blame me when you get GIRLY GIRL! This quiz is like a day at school.

Take the quiz to find out your true stereotype deep down inside! This quiz may be too stereotypical for your liking..or it may not! And don't rate badly..like someone rated one of my other quizzes 2/10!

Created by: pinkyponky505

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  1. Its early morning. Finally the school bus has arrived! What do you do?
  2. You have some free time before going to class. Where do you go and what do you do?
  3. The school bell has rung. It's Science first.
  4. Your teacher falls over. What do you do?
  5. It's break time.
  6. Your crush comes up to you.
  7. Next period is PE.
  8. Your teacher comes and he is on crutches. He broke his leg on the weekend. He decided to make the period an excursion. Where do you vote to go?
  9. Most people in your class choose to go shopping. Where do you go?
  10. The most popular girl in the class has just handed out invitations for her party! Are you going?
  11. Talking about parties and popularity, how many friends and enemies do you have?
  12. It's art next period! You're making a flower vase! What colour is yours?
  13. The art teacher lets you listen to music. What do you listen to?
  14. Lunch time! Where do you sit?
  15. Final lesson of the day is English. You can choose to write any genre you want. What do you choose?
  16. School has finished, and it's Friday! You have an after school club though. Which one is it?
  17. So what are you going to be doing this weekend?
  18. I made a few mistakes in the quiz :/

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Quiz topic: What is my high school stereotype?