What high school stereotype are you?

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Ever wondered what high school stereotype you are? Or do you think you know what high school stereotype you are already? Do you want to know what one you are or if what you think is right?

Well try my quiz and you are guaranteed to have your real result based on the answers that you put for the questions that you are asked. I hope you enjoy your results!

Created by: Tomboy010
  1. You wake up for highschool. What are you wearing?
  2. What prized possession would you never forget to bring with you?
  3. Your about to go to your first lesson and it happens to be your favourite, what is it?
  4. Your about to go to your next lesson which is your least favourite, Which lesson is it
  5. Your about to go to break when you see someone getting bullied what do you do?
  6. After break you go to you next lesson which is science and all of year 1 (your year) are together but you were separated into groups for different experiments and you are with your favourite teacher, who do you get?
  7. Lunch time! Time for you club. What is it?
  8. Last question that actually makes a difference (the rest are just random lol) you’ve just finished your last lesson of the day and now you’re going?
  9. Random question #1: have you enjoyed this quiz?
  10. Random question #2: Will you leave a comment?
  11. Random question #2: how about a like?

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Quiz topic: What high school stereotype am I?