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  • You are a deppresed emo that dosn't give a heck about life. You listen to sad touchy music. You prabably don't have much friends, cut your self, and cry yourself to sleep. You simply hate life.

    um no. I am not always depressed. I do give a heck about life. I actually do listen to sad music. I have a lot of friends. I don't cut myself. I don't cut myself. AND I DON'T HATE LIFE.

    lmfao- people are idiots about this stuff

  • I got prep:) I'm homeschooled but if I went to public school idk what stereotype I'd be...im kinda mixed really I mean I could be goth one day prep the next and scene the next so ya never know lol

  • Yes, I'm smart, and I get bullied sometimes, but usually when I hear about bullies or they try to mess with me...SHENANIGANS! >:D

  • I'm not a jock! I'm a nerd! And I'm not retarded and only think about sports! And I especially don't bully people!!!

  • ....that wasn't very good, you actually offened me. Most of these don't but that was pretty bad...

  • Psh, I may be a nerd but I don't get my ass kicked. If someone tried that they'd regret it. ^-^ Nerd power.

  • -_-


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