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  • What is your guardian animal?
    Your Result: Swan 76%

    resultYo ur guardian animal is a swan! Guardian swans are beautiful, graceful animals that are symbolized as pure creatures. They are thought to be dignified and balanced. Swans prefer quiet, thoughtful people who are ambiverts. Swans also prefer people who are highly connected to the dream world.

    Deer 68%
    Cat 59%
    Bear 58%
    Horse 34%
    Snake 31%
    Wolf 24%
    Fox 18%
    Mouse 0%

    Crow AWWW My guardian animal is a swan. Not really my guardian animal is a Wolf and Fox!!!

  • Really Great Quiz! It was well thought out, and the choice for the questions were not obvious like other quizzes are. Nice Job! :)

  • I find it interesting that my results were split between deer and snake...

  • @Infinity

    Thanks so much for the nice comment. Glad you liked it. :)

  • I'm OK with my result, which was a cat. I love cats, but I like axolotls more!!!


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