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  • I tied writer/journalist and teacher. (Click read more)

    I want to be a writer, at first I wanted to but then I made very bad stories that got zero recognition and some people hated them. I also lost two writing contests.

    But now on another website I have an original fiction that is pretty successful since I posted it like 4-5 months ago and now its got 38 likes. The website is popular and 38 likes on tha amount of time isnt really a big deal but it kinda is for me, especially since I also got some really positive and true feedback. And I feel more confident about it now since today my pastiche assessment was selected by my English teacher to be the assignment with the best pastiche. I felt a bit nervous and shy when she read it in front of the whole class but in the end I was proud.

    I would also consider to be a teacher but only for middle or high schoolers. I couldnt survive in a classroom full of 3rd graders!

    • Ok I found out theres no Read More button LOL

  • I got 83percent of actress/actor/singe r I will love to become that coz my classmates and teacher also called me a dramaqueen I love to trouble those who loves me I love to travel do adventurous things to dress up and to go at the parties and my favourite thing is to do drama and I'm just 13years old

  • I loved this quiz. i got just what i wanted to be...journalist. i rated it 10 stars


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