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  • I know I have ADHD and this quiz gives me one more piece of evidence to know for a fact that I have some kind of anxiety disorder or depression

    Xafurus Jun 7 '18, 3:28PM
  • I probably have all of these disorders, expect the ADHD. I got stress disorder.

    Sherbert211 Aug 14 '13, 9:23PM
  • OCD... Yeah, that's kinda accurate.

    BTRfreak Jun 13 '13, 9:57PM
  • what the hell...i went the entire quiz saying nothing stresses me or worries me type answers and i got stress disorder...BS

    arctic796 Oct 22 '12, 6:04PM
  • My result was OCD

    Starr_17 Oct 20 '12, 10:06PM
  • My result was OCD, which is actually true, I do have a strong case of OCD. Cool quiz!

    JessicaLestrange Oct 20 '12, 4:46PM
  • I have anxiety disorder...:'(

    VAMPxKITTY Oct 20 '12, 2:20PM

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