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  • What Is Your Demigod Status?
    Your Result: Isabelle Kitris 80%

    Name: Isabelle Kitris Godly Parent: Minerva Best Friends: Frank, Hazel, Jason, Octavian, Gwen. Enemies: First and second cohorts. Crush: Octavian Appearence: Auburn hair and green eyes, hair usually in a ponytail. What the others think of her: Octavian: She's pretty, smart, and a good fighter. Reyna: A good fighter and a nice singer (don't ask) Jason: She's kind and not to shabby with a sword Gwen: She's nice at planning attacks and she's usually the one behind the scenes in the war games. Frank: She's smart. Hazel: She's smart and beautiful, if she would go for dating she would have a lot running for her.

    47% Carson Collin
    38% Maria Leank
    23% Skylar Jones
    14% James Jayce
    14% Caden Liam

    Awesome!!! But one other thing, OCTAVIAN IS EVIL!!! Though really u got me right!

  • pretty and smart! thats me! maria leank


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