What Is Your Demigod Status?

Want to know what your demigod profile is? Includes: Name, Godly Parent, Best Friends, Crush, Enemies, Appearence, and What the other think of you. I made Greek and Roman demigods. Roman: Apollo, Mars, Minerva, and one other I can't remember lol. Greek: Aphrodite, Hades, and Demeter.

This quiz was made by: thebookcentral Please comment, rate, and help me and my friends reach the Top 40! Answer all questions truthfully and don't lie on them please!

Created by: thebookcentral
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi there! Are we ready to take this quiz or what people?!
  2. Hi there! Are we ready to take this quiz or what people?!
  3. What's you preferred weapon?
  4. Okay, what god/goddess do you admire most? (Out of these)
  5. Okay, now to the questions where you only have three answers according to gender. If your male, the bottom three are yours. If your female, the top three are yours, unless I say you don't have to pick according to that okay? Now here's the question: What's your clothing style?
  6. What color? (I know that people say that has nothing to do with you period, but I read something about colors actually having meaning and they can tell a lot about you, really.) *still hides behind Jazen*
  7. Favorite subject? (You math, reading, science, writing, that stuff.)
  8. Favorite subject? (You math, reading, science, writing, that stuff.)
  9. I have to have twelve questions, so... Zodiac Sign? If it isn't listed select 'None the above' obviously.
  10. Chinese Zodiac Sign Time!! Woooo! Okay you can Google this cuz I am not putting the years on the answers for you again sorry. Use this website: travelchinaguide/socialcoustoms/zodiac
  11. Finally, will you rate, comment, and help me amd my friends reach the Top 40? No effect on results of course.

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Quiz topic: What Is my Demigod Status?