What is the nature of your Soul?

Your Soul is connected to the Universal and Spiritual Laws that the S.A. has set in place to govern all creation, let man and woman make yet another advance in awareness to become a Soul-conscious sun of God. No longer must we walk in the shadow of spiritual ignorance, for the Light of our Soul is moving upon the horizon." The Nature of The Soul

The Nature of the Soul is divine and with the Right knowledge on can learn how to sculpt the Soul into g.o.d.Consciousness, that being which is capable of awareness in any stage, we call Soul, and define it as animal, human, or Spiritual, according to Its degree of developed awareness. The nature of consciousness, whether it be that of an animal, man, or a Spiritual Soul incarnate, is essentially divine, since its only parent is The Supreme Being. This concept is essential; inherent divinity must be grasped, not only as an abstraction, but as a fact in nature, by every student who would become initiated in Wisdom.

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  1. Do you believe in a Supreme being?
  2. Do the Supreme being of your heart creates life and judge what he/she creates?
  3. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  4. Do the Supreme Being of your heart creates Nature to govern all spiritual and physical life?
  5. Do you think that you have some kind of relationship with Nature?
  6. Is the Supreme Being of your heart also within you?
  7. Where is heaven?
  8. Is your Soul older than any book on planet Earth?
  9. How do you talk to the Supreme Being of your heart?
  10. How do you listen to the Supreme Being of your heart?
  11. Is Gnosis the sacred art of Lucifer?
  12. Are you a divine being that lacks knowledge?

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Quiz topic: What is the nature of my Soul?