What if the world ended? Part: 3

This is the third part, in the picture that is what Vanessa looks like, just with one eye different....................................................

This is the third part, in the picture that is what Vanessa looks like, just with one eye different.....................................................

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  1. Vanessa shook her head in disbelief. "No, not possible. Levi's my twin. He's my brother." Cassandra scoffed, "Then explain why you guys have different last names, and look, different. I'm surprised that hasn't crossed your mind." But the fact is, it has crossed Vanessa's mind. Yes they were Fraternal twins, ones that didn't look like each other, well not exactly. But Levi and Vanessa didn't have anything identical on them.
  2. Nothing at all, Levi has smooth caramel hair, while Vanessa has dark brown hair that looks like a tint away from black. Levi's eyes are quite different than Vanessa's, Levi's eyes are a dark brown with amber flecks, while Vanessa's are a bit different---since she was born with a disease called Heterochromia iridum is causes one iris of the eye to be completely different than the other iris---one is a dark emerald green, and the other is an electric colored blue.
  3. Their complexion of skin is off by quite a lot as well; Levi's is a honey cone colored naturally, Vanessa's is an ivory shade. As Vanessa continued to go down the checklist, checking off everything they don't have in common, she realized something. "Why didn't you tell me?" Vanessa demanded in a stern voice. Cassandra seemed amused by this,"Oh I didn't think it was time, but I'm sure you should've known by now. You're the only one with this disgusting shade of skin. This dark hair you try to pass off as. These eyes, seriously Vanessa. You couldn't obviously expect to be apart of a family you didn't even look like." Cassandra looked at Vanessa, and laughed,"Oh you did. Sorry to burst your bubble Vanessa Crassus, you aren't going to belong in this family. You're not going to belong in any family. You're going to be alone. Not accepted. Not wanted. You're going to be a nothing."
  4. Vanessa felt tears trying to escape, she bit down hard onto her lip. She felt the taste of blood envelope her mouth. "Mom, that's enough! You know Nessie's apart of the family. She's your daughter. She's my sis--" his sentence was caught off by Cassandra slapping Levi. "She's 'not' your sister! If I hear you say those words again, you'll end up worse than Vanessa." Cassandra threatened. Levi's face started to turn red, leaving a hand print across his face. "There's no point in that! Hitting us for no particular reason! You're a disgrace to mothers everywhere! I'm glad I'm not your daughter! I feel sorry for Levi, 'cause at the end of the day, he'll always remember he's related to YOU." Vanessa intercepted putting quite a lot of emphasis on 'you.'
  5. Everyone in the room grew quiet. Cassandra looked astonished a six-teen year old would speak to her in an unkindly manor. "GET OUT!" Cassandra roared,"Leave! Go! You're not allowed back into my house!" She started walking over to Vanessa, but Levi stepped in front of her. "You won't lay a hand on her." Levi cautioned, sizing up Cassandra about a foot. "Please, get out of my way, boy!" Cassandra replied attempting to push Levi out of the way, but he wouldn't budge. "No! Leave my sister alone!" Levi yelled, pushing Cassandra down. Cassandra look up, with a dumbfounded look on her face,"How dare you lay a hand on me! I am your mother!" Cassandra quickly got onto two feet and glared at her son,"Move!" she commanded.
  6. "No!" replied Levi, looking angrier every second."She did this to you. She convinced you to disobey me!" Cassandra stepped closer to Levi but she kept her eyes on Vanessa,"How'd you do it? Did you use your body? Did you seduce him? Did you tell him he's the only one?" Cassandra laughed, Vanessa was enraged,"I'm not like you! I didn't use my body! I didn't seduce him! He realized how f---ing insane you are! Unlike you, I don't open my legs wide to everyone, and brothers are exceptions." As Vanessa's voice rose, Cassandra looked paler,"Oh yes I know. I know how you enforce the idea of incest! I know that Christian isn't Levi's father! I know that you f---ed your brother on multiple occasions! And I know it wasn't to keep the family line pure!" Vanessa chuckled,"Cassandra, I thought you were better than that, you left the evidence open, especially when it came to me."
  7. Vanessa was amused how tongue tied Cassandra is, but that didn't last long,"Levi, do you believe these lies Vanessa is saying?" All eyes fell on Levi, Vanessa seen his body tense, she knew he hated being on the spot,"I-I don't know what do believe anymore." Levi hung his held down. She understood, she had so many questions running through her mind, then finding out this, it's overwhelming to be honest. Cassandra laughed victoriously,"See Vanessa? Stop spouting out lies to turn my son against him. Now go back up your s--- and get the hell out of my house." ordered Cassandra.
  8. Levi finally spoke,"Where is she supposed to go? If she's adopted, you're her guardian after all. You're responsible for her." Cassandra smiled,"Well yes, there's that." Vanessa grew impatient, if she was adopted, who's her parents? Do they know who she's living with? Do they know if she's alright? Are they alive? Why did they give her up for adoption? Why? Why? Questions zoomed through her mind lightening fast, she had so many, but she knew Cassandra wasn't going to answer them. Vanessa broke out of her thoughts when she heard the next sentence,"Can't you stop being a b---- for once?" asked Levi sarcastically.
  9. If the comment affected Cassandra she didn't show it, she just smiled---there's awfully quite a lot of smiling---"Oh yes I could. But you'll miss the best part." Levi and Vanessa exchanged glances for a moment, Vanessa spoke up,"What do you mean,'the best part?'" Cassandra didn't seem to acknowledge Vanessa, but continued to look at Levi like he was the one who spoken the question. "Oh well, you see, when I told you Vanessa is adopted, it's true. But there's one tiny complication." Vanessa was eager to know what, and for Cassandra to stop pausing. "What's the complication?" Levi asked, seemingly wanting to know the answer bad as she. "Vanessa's birth parents are dead."
  10. ***Cliffhanger*** I hoped you guys liked this one. A hell of a cliffhanger huh? Well, as I've said, I would like it if you guys would comment some characters for the next part. I would really appreicate it. But did'ja like it? Comment rate?

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