Life and Love at Hogwarts (Good-bye........for now)

I am dearly sorry if you did not wish for me to end this series. I wouldn't have ended it hadn't I thought of a better idea or if I hadn't severely messed up in this series.

I am dearly sorry if you did not wish for me to end this series. I wouldn't have ended it hadn't I thought of a better idea or if I hadn't severely messed up in this series. I know, we ended on a very sad note.

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  1. Sirius Black had been caught in the castle and you are scared stiff. You sent an owl to your cousin and he did not take it well. "Harry! Don't you get it?! If I don't leave I'll never leave my room and I'll never have the slightest chance of coming back!" You shouted after you had read John's letter. The letter had said that you were to transfer back to Beauxbatons on Christmas break. "Why is your cousin such a git, _____?! You are under the protection of Dumbledore after all!" Harry argued. "That didn't stop him from getting into the castle did it?! Or attacking the Fat Lady?! Or even coming 'this' close to killing your best friend?!" You argued as you packed. Harry looked defeated. "Harry, I don't want to go, but I have to. I can visit over the summer. Wait, scratch that, I hate the Dursleys. You can come visit me over the summer if you want. If I can come back, I will. I'd rather be a servant here and have my friends with me than go to Beauxbatons without them," you said calmly. It was three days before Christmas holidays but you weren't stupid enough to keep John waiting. "I know ______, I would prefer you to be a servant than to leave the school for lord knows how long," Harry replied with a sigh. Harry kept babbling and finally you decided to stop him. You kissed him lightly and pulled away slowly. "Happy Christmas, Harry. You really shouldn't babble," you laughed. "Happy Christmas, _____," Harry said as he kissed you again. You kissed him back until Hermione entered the dorm. "Eh-hem," she said quietly, telling you to pull apart. You obeyed and slowly pulled back. "Harry, how did you get up here?" She asked. "Levicorpus," you answered for him. Hermione looked confused. "Hold your robes this time Harry," you laughed as you repeated the spell, sending Harry dangling by his ankle and moving at your command in mid-air. Hermione looked disgusted at the actions but she soon began to cry. "What's wrong, Hermione?" You asked as you dropped a laughing Harry onto the floor. Hermione ran to you and gave a long, breath-taking hug. "I just can't believe your leaving. Three years you've missed out on things and on your first year here you have to leave?! The muggle world is just as prone to attack as the wizarding world!" "I don't want to leave, believe me Hermione. I just have one question for you," you said as you were released from Hermione's grip. She asked you what the question was. "Why did you never tell me about the adventures? Or about being friends with 'the boy who lived'?" You asked, joking on the last sentence. "We didn't want you to feel like you were missing out on anything," was her simple answer. "If you had told me, I would've dropped from Beauxbatons much sooner!" You joked. Hermione admitted that she hadn't thought of that. You said it was fine and heard a knock at the door. It was Tatyana. "Hi, Tatyana? What do need?" You asked. "Ron. He's waiting for you in the boy's dorms. He's wondering how Harry got up here," Tatyana replied. You thanked her and said you would be right back.
  2. Harry's POV. I heard _____ read the letter and I knew at once that I couldn't let her go. I hadn't even worked up enough courage to ask her to Hogsmead, even if either of us could've gone! Although, since she asked Dumbledore to stay with the Gryffindors, it's made her departure more bearable because I could see her more often. Why does ______'s cousin have to be so thick! Although her argument made sense about Sirius Black, even though I hate to admit it. As did Hermione's argument about the muggle world being in as much danger as the wizarding world. I already want to kill Sirius, but if he hurts ______ inside our outside of this school, I will destroy him just as he did to my parents and Pettigrew! But I guess it is for the best, after all how much help could a school full of wizards be against ONE mass murder? *sarcasm* As much as I want her to stay at Hogwarts, I'd rather her be able to leave her room and possibly return soon. Who knows, maybe she'll be back at Hogwarts by next year! At least she would be out of harms way, in other words, away from me. *tone of sadness* Perhaps I will visit her over the summer, once this is all over.
  3. Back to regular POV. You reached the boy's dorms in time to see an angry Ron kicking everything in reach. "Hi?" You asked timidly as you entered the scarlet room. "Hi," said an angry Ron. "Calm down, Ronald! It's not like I want to leave!" You ordered quietly while resting a hand on his shoulder. "I know. Why do you have to leave? The muggle-world is in as much danger, if not more, as the wizard world!" Ron quietly raged. "I know, unfortunately my cousin doesn't and wouldn't believe me if I tried to tell him. Oh, Ron, I levitated Harry to the girl's dorm so we could talk while I packed." Ron laughed and calmed down. He said in a sincere voice, "If this could be the last time I see you, what would you do?" "Ronald, what kind of question is that? It's not like either of us are going to die anytime soon!" "Hey, hanging out with Harry, you never know. And answer." "Fine. If this were the last time we could ever see each other, I would spend the whole day with you and would cry about it another day," you answered. "That makes me feel a lot better," Ron smiled as he kissed you. You didn't pull away, you knew it would hurt him if you did. You slowly pulled away as if you needed to take a breath. "Happy early Christmas, _____," Ron said. You replied in kind. The two of you laughed and talked for a few minutes before the room was invaded by dungbombs. "Fred and George! You are in SO much trouble!" You yelled in a severe tone. The twins looked at you as if waiting for their punishment. "For not giving me a few to toss!" You finished with a laugh. The two brightened up considerably while they handed you a few bungbombs. Your first victim was Seamus Finnigan in the common room, then Harry who was chatting with Hermione in the girl's dorm, then Oliver, then you rushed to the Slytherin common room and ambushed Draco. After ambushing him, you attacked your new friend Cedric. All of which were upset about your leaving. As were you.
  4. Ron's POV. She looked so beautiful, I just couldn't help it. I had to kiss her. If _____ couldn't come back to Hogwarts, I wouldn't be able to. I could see the look on her face, she didn't enjoy it. I could also feel her twitch and flinch but soon stopped. Was she afraid to hurt me by pulling away? Sometimes I feel like a complete fool around her! She is almost as smart as Hermione, as adventurous as Harry, as hot-headed as me, as fun and mischievous as my brothers, and as beautiful; if not more, as a Veela should be. In other words, perfect. Which is exactly why I hadn't asked her to Hogsmead, well that and the fact that Harry fancies her, too and she hadn't got her permission form signed. Oh well, I'd rather her be away and safe than here and in serious trouble.
  5. Cedric's POV. I can't believe that I've only just met her! It feels as if I could tell _____ anything. I hear that she's half Veela, but she'd be gorgeous even if she wasn't. What on earth am I thinking?! I swear, I'm going crazy. I barely know the girl and I already like her?! I guess being part Veela has gotten me falling for her as well. But, how's that possible? The half Veela charm only works for men who aren't in a relationship, I'm dating Cho. Why is life so complicated?!
  6. Draco's POV. I wonder what's up with ______. Ever since the butter-beer incident, she's been hiding out with the Gryffindors. Uck! Gryffindors and Slytherins? Friends?! It's unheard of! Well, I hear that _____ is to return to Beauxbatons in a few days because of Sirius Black. I'm not a huge fan of her leaving, but I suppose it's for her own good, but what about me? Without _____ to hang around with I've got to deal with Parkinson! Blech! Parkinson! Oh well, there isn't much that I can do to stop her from leaving
  7. Oliver's POV. I swear that girl is an awesome Quidditch player. And that is a huge compliment coming from me. Wait, _____ has to go back to Beauxbatons? Why?! Of course! Because of Sirius Black! Why couldn't they just catch the guy already?! I don't want her to leave! She can't leave! Even if I could help, it would only put her in more danger. Why is life so complicated?!
  8. Back to normal POV. You had visited everyone in the castle that you knew. From Dumbledore to the newest first year. All of whom were upset that you had to leave, other than Parkinson who basically threw what you had left with the Slytherins at you. Not that it surprised you. Although, what did surprise you was that, even Marcus Flint was upset to have you leave. According to him it was because you were an awesome beater, but rumor has it that Flint had taken quite a liking to you. "Neville!" You shouted to your best guy friend. "Hi, ______! I know that I sound way too cheery for what's going on, but I've learned to look on the bright side of things. Anyway, I'm sorry that you have to leave, but if I know you, once this is all over, you'll be back," Neville replied while squeezing the air from you. "If you choke me to death I can't!" You joked. "Oh, sorry," he said as he released his death grip on you. You told him it was fine and pecked him on the cheek. He blushed like crazy. You laughed as he turned a color that would've put Ron's hair to shame. The last three days of your year were filled with your friends and the house elves. All of the house elves were upset that a student with manners was to leave. You didn't want to leave either, but you had to and you knew that, as did they.
  9. Christmas break arrived as if it were within one hour of receiving your letter. Your gal friends were crying, while your guy friends fought hard not to. "Good-bye," you whispered as you hugged them all. "Good-bye, ______," they all answered. You climbed onto the Hogwarts Express, "Good-bye, Hogwarts!" You shouted, holding back your tears. You waved until your friends and Hogwarts were out of sight. You then sat in the farthest compartment from the door and cried yourself to sleep. You dreamt of never returning to Hogwarts and Sirius killing your friends. You unable to help them. You arrived at King's Cross earlier than you would have liked. It was off to Beauxbatons.
  10. Thanks! Comment/rate/ the usuals. Sorry, but I really wanted to end this story. Thanks! Bye.

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