Will He Ask You Out?

There are many, many guys out there in the world, but one is YOUR guy. One that you'll one day fall in love with and marry! This guy will definitely be acceptable, but perfect to you because you'll love him for him. A perfect guy to one person may be geeky, cute, glasses, and might love chemistry and to someone else be popular, jock, good looking, and loves football. Everyone will meet that one person in their life!!! You just have to look for that person and love will definitely find you one day, maybe soon maybe in a long time? You just have to wait and see, but that's just how life is. Full of surprises!!

Is he the right guy for you?? Does he have all those qualities that you want in a guy? Until now, you could only wonder if he'll ask you out. But thanks to this awesome quiz, in a few great minutes you'll know wether this special guy in your life will actually ask you out or not!!!!!

Created by: Murphy

  1. Do you talk a lot?
  2. How long have you known him?
  3. Does he ever look at you?
  4. Does he ever compliment you?
  5. Does he want to hang out ofter?
  6. Does he get jealous when you're with other boys?
  7. Does he tease you?
  8. Does he follow you around?
  9. Does he often ask you for help or offer you help?
  10. Does he act like he likes you?
  11. Is he nervous around you?

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