which guy will you fall in love with ?

Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect guy next to your side? Do you need someone that will always protect you? What if you were kidnapped by four boys that die being with you? Which one would you chose ? Its up to you to pick who wins your heart. ❤ This is the quiz for you.

Nathan, rudy, vincent and justin are your four candidates. They all have different personalities but one for sure will be your favorite. But its up to you , which guy will you fall in love for? 💕

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  1. As you get ready in the morning. You look around you house and feel like if your not going to see it for a while. "Its just my dumb mind, whatever." You tell yourself, You walk out of your house and you feel like if someone is following you but no one other than you is in the street. As you were about to go around the corner a tall and muscular goes in from of you and asked "where do you think your going". But just before you were able to respond back 3 other guys were behind you and picked you up, you got blind folded and put into a car. You hit your head really hard from trying to get away and you knock out. When you wake up all four boys were there all by your side. Nathan, rudy, vincent and justin. "Hey, sleeping beauty, time to wake up, its time for lunch" says nathan. What are your thoughts right now ?
  2. "What am i doing here ? " you ask all the guys. "Here's the story..." says rudy. We all have been watching you and fell in love with your beauty. We all want to be with you but there is only one of you sadly, so who ever you chose in the end will be your soul mate for the rest of your life but its up to you to chose which guy will you fall in love with ?" Your clueless but kinda like the idea of being in a house with of bunch of cuties ;) "Ok lets head down for lunch, i dont know about you but i feel like i can eat horse!" Vincent says. Everyone starts laughing and all head down the stairs for lunch. Justin asks " what do feel like eating today, my princess 👸!" You blush and tell him that you want to eat ... ?
  3. (Whatever food you chose he served it to you) 😉 when everyone was sitting down every single guy told you specifically what they loved about you 💕 nathan said " your beautiful smile and gorgeous face is like a rose 🌹 natural and just lovely" Rudy said " i love how sporty you are, you know how to keep that body of yours always looking good!" Justin said " he loved the way you cuddle with him and the way you dirty talk to me when we're alone together." Vincent said " your intelligence and heart will always be in my heart, i love how you care about everyone else but sometimes you forget about yourself (thats not a good thing),thats why you deserve everything in this world, and should always be treated like a lady, ALWAYS!
  4. Once your done eating your delicious food you started to pick up the dirty plates but nathan said " oh no, no, a lady like you cant be doing that, you will mess up your beautiful and soft hands !" And he winks at you. You blush take a walk around the house which is really tall and well built, You think to your self " what am i going to do?" Someone came behind you and he covered your eyes with his hands. "Can you guess who am i ?" He said giggling. Who do you think it is 😖?
  5. Your a bit nervous, cuz you dont know who it is but when his hands go off your eyes, its a totally different guy!? He covers your mouth with his hand, you try to get away by hitting him where it hurts him the most, but you seem to always miss. He pushes you against the wall and starts to kiss you just about anywhere, one by one your clothes come off and you become weak, your not able to protect yourself anymore and just let your whole body just fall to the ground, you somehow manage to scream just one more time and you call out for the boys. The boys were all still in kitchen just talking but when they here you scream they all go running to you. "Get away from her jerk !!!" Nathan yelled . 3 of the boys start to beat up the other guy, but one carries you back to your room. He gave you a blanket cuz half of your cloths stayed down stairs. " Are you ok said ... " Who do want it to be ?
  6. The mysterious boy that was down stairs left and the rest of the boys came up stairs to see how your doing. " Are you ok?" They all ask your still in shock, but in yiur mind you know that you dont have to scared of them because they wont hurt you right ? You ask the boys"who... was that guy ???" Justin said that " oh that baster, he was one of our greatest friends but began to turn the tables " " what do mean by that you ask " its just that that guy is my brother... " saud rudy. "He also looked for beautiful girls like you, but one he decided to take the girls in bed, and kill them if he wasnt satisfied with girl, we all want to save you from him because we dont want the same thing to happen to you !" Vincent said that " his name is brayan " what are your thoughts right now ?
  7. After a while justin asks you " are you in the mood for a date my lady? " You said " yeah sure why not " he kisses you on your cheek and happily walks off. You go upstairs and get ready for the date. But suddenly the windows of your room open and yeah you guessed it, its brayan. He shuts the windows closed and you run to the bedroom door but its lock shut, you remembered earlier what he done to you but this time you weren't going to let it slide. " Back off you jerk!!! You yelled . " Well, well look at what we got here, a little fisty chick. Hahaha! Your going to be mean mines today, he pushes you onto the bed. You try look for anything to hit him but you cant seem to be able reach for anything. Half of your cloths offs and you scream to the top of lungs. The guys come up but by the time they got in the room brayan was gone.Your crying with tears pouring down your face. All of your cloths on the ground and things are broken everywhere.The guys look at you and cant find the words to tell you. You have cuts all over you and they bring the first aid kit. " Does it hurt? Vincent asks " im... im ok " justin ask you if you still want to go on the date and you say yes and smile. once thier done they go down stairs so that you can get ready. Now your really stressing out on what to wear. What would you wear on the date with justin ?
  8. Once your done you go downstairs and you leave all the guys with thier mouth open. Justin takes your hand and kisses it. " alright are you ready to leave ? " "yes, im ready." Everywhere you would walk thier heads just turned around to look at you. As you guys walked outside, there was a limo waiting. Justin opened the door and then he sat right next to you. " are you liking it so far?" He asks you say " yeah this has been amazing so far, along the ride you guys takes lots of silly selfies 😅 "even if you dont pick me then i can at least have the memories of you" he said, you blush and cuddle with him tightly. "You have arrived to your destination " said the driver. Justin opens the door for you and he holds your hand. Your in front of really fancy restaurant and you guys walked in. You took a seat in the vip section where you would be secured from brayan. Justin asks you what desert you would like to eat and you chose...
  9. (Whatever you chose you were served that desert) you a bite a it was the most amazing desert you ever tried. " so how does it taste " he asks " its very sweet... " you said , "not more than you " he said with a grin, you both dance and enjoy the night, after you guys were so sleepy you lefr back home. But when you guys when outside the limo wasnt there. Justin always knew what to do and he took you back home on a motorcycle. "Hold on to me tight, i dont want you to fall off" he said It was very dark ourside and hardly any lights outside, you guys are the only ones on the road but you hit something, both of you feel off and got a lot of scratches on you hands, knees, and legs. Justin asked you if your ok . You said " im ok but are you ok ? "He said yeah but you guys get up to see who you guys hit. And its ...
  10. Oh no! Its the end of part one :( what do you guys think about this so far? Hope you guys liked it ;) comment any ideas or feedback you guys may have 😅. See you next time for part 2 !!!

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