Fall Out Boy Quiz (2015)

Hello there this is my Fall Out Boy quiz. I don't really have anything to say but I have to say something so I'm just gonna type out some Fall Out Boy lyrics.

"Have you ever wanted to disappear? Or join a monastery, go out and preach on manic street. Who will I be what I wake up next to a stranger? On a passenger plane"

Created by: Amy

  1. How many band members are in FOB?
  2. Who is the lead singer
  3. In the "A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me" music video, Pete was...
  4. What is the name of FOB's first album?
  5. What is the name of Patrick's wife?
  6. Finish the lyric: "Permanent jet lag, please ________"
  7. What is the name of Pete's wife?
  8. What is Pete's full name?
  9. Where did FOB start?
  10. Who started FOB?
  11. Which of FOB's albums has a sheep on the cover?
  12. Which of these songs were on the Infinity On High album?

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