Who will fall for you?

This quiz is about a vampire and a demon who will fall for you. It's up to you to choose which one that will be. Remember, both are equally dangerous choices. Choose wisely.

This quiz is designed to make fun of basically all other "who would you fall for/who would fall for you" quizzes. Not in a terribly mean way, since I enjoyed them myself when I was younger. Please, do enjoy.

Created by: Chery

  1. Your name is Sally McSaggytits.
  2. You live with your twin sister Potatoballs, also known as Sasha.
  3. You are going to college and your sister is still in high school. She's a fifth grader. Your breasts are also very...saggy. As your name suggests.
  4. Your hair is black, and you like wearing bright clothes in the summer and dark clothes in the winter (Use your imagination. Just go wild. Especially with the kind of bra she must have to wear...)
  5. Also, use your imagination to think about what your sister may look like. Perhaps she dresses in potato skins...
  6. Ok, story time (No parents btw. I'm mean). You're walking home from school. It's 4pm, Monday. You have tons of work to do. And you need to pick up your sister. She always has to stay late at school because you're always getting off school at late hours.
  7. You arrive at your sister's school in your stylish pink Volvo (pink like your tits) and she hops in. "Hi Sally!" Your sister exclaims.
  8. "I had a great day, sis! But someone tried to eat me..." Your sister said. You laughed. "Well, you do smell like potatoes." You reply as you drive off and head home. Your sister starts singing a One Direction song...
  9. Your sister laughs at whatever you chose. You arrive home and as you unlock the door and walk in, you see your dog lying dead on the carpet. Aaaand that concludes the first part. Till next time.

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