Which Lead Singer Are You From "The Emo Quarters"

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WELCOME MY FELLOW EMO; I'm a dank emo so I can scream okay. Welcome, here you will take this quiz to see if you're more of Patrick Stump, Gerard Way, Tyler Joseph, or Brendon Urie.

I'm sorry I'm being original with the Gods of emos but come one. If I did The Used, Taking Back Tuesday, Linkin Park, blink-182, Green Day, Bring Me to the Horizon, etc,this would be an emo mess. Also shout out lol. Sorry.

Created by: chemicalkilljoy27

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite color from the following:
  2. Favorite quote from the following: (that you think is the funniest)
  3. Whats the saddest thing you see here?
  4. Who's your favorite band from the emo quarters?
  5. Which ship, do you ship the most?
  6. Who would date (I know it's hard to choose)
  7. Choose a hair:
  8. Choose your favorite lyric:
  9. Emo or alternative?
  10. Friends describe more of a_______
  11. Choose an item of "clothing":
  12. Is you hair dyed or do you want to?
  13. Choose an instrument:

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Quiz topic: Which Lead Singer am I From "The Emo Quarters"