Are you perfect for Cameron Dallas?

Cameron Dallas, one of cutest guys on earth. How couldn't you fall in love with that. He's sweet, funny, nice. But how much do you really know about him?

Cameron has a lot of expectations when it comes to girls. Like how much they know about him or looks in a girl. Are you perfect for him. Or are you just another fan?

Created by: Braelyn Whitelock

  1. What is Cameron's Favorite color
  2. What is Cams moms Name
  3. How tall is Cam?
  4. When is Cams birthday?
  5. Who did Cameron move in with?
  6. Why do you like Cam?
  7. Would you still like Cameron if he didn't have abs?
  8. Where did cam live before Los Angeles
  9. What new tradition does he do every Wednesday
  10. How many siblings does Cameron have?
  11. How tall are you?
  12. What sports do you play

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Quiz topic: Am I perfect for Cameron Dallas?