Are you good enough for cameron dallas

Do u think UR good enough for cameron dallas the famous viner? We'll this quiz is to help u find out but don't be sad if it says UR not because besides everyone knows I'm his

This quiz is to help u to no if u are good enough for cameron the questions see if u no about cam enough to we're UR actually good enough for him lol idk I was bord

Created by: Rylee of betch please
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  1. What is his fav color
  2. Would him not having Abbs effect you liking him
  3. Why do really like him
  4. What nationality is cam
  5. Who is cam moving in with
  6. Who is the b---- who dated carter to get to cam and broke his heart after
  7. What color are his eyes
  8. What is his newest vine name
  9. Do u think cam would date u
  10. Why did cam get stitches

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Quiz topic: Am I good enough for cameron dallas