How Much do you Know About Dove Cameron?

Many of us know, watch or have heard of Dove Cameron, celebrity actress and pop star. She has starred in quite a few Disney works and performed various songs.

But how much do you truly know about Dove Cameron? Take this quiz and find out! Do you know the true Dove Cameron, in and outside of the screen? Go no further!

Created by: Makenna
  1. What is Dove's Birthday?
  2. How old is she?
  3. How many different roles has Dove played for Disney shows and movies?
  4. How many Disney shows and movies has Dove been in?
  5. What did Dove (Liv Rooney) try to express in the episode of Liv and Maddie, Ask-Her-More-A Rooney?
  6. What was Dove's tv name is the movie Cloud 9?
  7. Who's daughter did Dove play in Disney's Descendants?
  8. Who did Dove play in Teen Beach Movie?
  9. What did Dove try to prove to Will Cloud in the movie Cloud 9?
  10. What is Dove's hometown? (Where is she born and grew up?)
  11. What was Dove's first Disney music video?
  12. What sport did Dove have to learn for the movie Cloud 9?
  13. What sport did Dove have to learn for Teen Beach Movie?
  14. What was Dove's Birth name?
  15. Why did Dove change her name?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Dove Cameron?