Are you a true Dovely?

Dove Cameron is the new Disney-Girl who is making the world melt! With her kindness, love and support to all her fans is impossible not to love her, right?

Are you a real fan of Dove Cameron? Are you a real DOVELY? or maybe you need some training? Take a minute or two to complete this quiz and find out!!!

Created by: Santu

  1. What is Dove's favorite color?
  2. What was Dove's favorite song in January 2014?
  3. When was Dove's first kiss?
  4. What does Dove say would be Liv's, Maddie's and Dove's favorite pizza topping?
  5. At what age did Dove realize she wanted to be and actress and singer?
  6. Where was Dove Cameron at when she found out she was chosen to play the main role on a Disney series?
  7. What is Dove afraid of?
  8. Dove says she is really good at.... and really bad at...?
  9. Dove says she always texts...
  10. What's Dove's and her boyfriend's youtube channel called?
  11. What's her birthday?
  12. How tall is Dove?
  13. If she could go back in time she would...

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Dovely?