Love At Hogwarts pt.1

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Love at Hogwarts. You have finally stepped into the path you're parents took, but yours will be filled with much more adventure. How will you deal with the first few weeks of the 1st year? Good Luck and let the magic flow!

Yes Yes I know its first year and people maybe saying it's too young to date. I TOTALLY Agree! It's just so this year and next you can get to know everyone and see how your path will lead. NO Love interests these few parts but it will happen! Haha See you next time me lovelies!

Created by: DarkMindsReign

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  1. The night before the newest chapter in your life. Hogwarts was just around the corner but right now all you could do was stay awake and remember the great week you had with your parents. Your father, Mr Edard Rivers, took you to get all of your required stuff, including your wand, "rations pack" for the train filled with magically sweets and the best bit, your owl. Your wand was interpreted by your father, to match you. His words as he described it, were still ringing in your ears. You had returned home that week, your wand in hand. "It suits you" He chuckled as he carried in a few bits and bobs left in the car. "How father? Please tell me dad, please?" "Okay but don't be mad, okay?" Why would I be mad?" You turned around to see his face still smiling yet sounding so sincere. "The fine, ivory white at the handle, shows your pure heart, the way it fades in to black thin end shows how your anger can fade into you and then explode, like the light will as you cast your spells. The silver vines twisting around show you hold yourself together. That brings it all as one. The end at the handle is where the vines twist into the shape of an Owl, spreading it's wings. This shows you may make wise decisions. As well as it being your favourite animal" he laughed as he placed the last box filled with food on the table. "Happy?" You returned a smile and just gave him a hug as you helped him take your stuff upstairs. "Ah I didn't hear you came home! I was upstairs putting your casual clothes into your trunk. How was Diagon Alley?" A woman appeared at the doorway to your room, you mother, Mrs Cassidy Rivers. Her blonde hair was thrown over her shoulders, her bright blue eyes had a sense of home as you looked into them. Her rose lips curved into a smile. "Mum it was AMAZING! I wish you weren't working when we left.Glad you're home, can I help pack?" "Definitely, you weren't going to get away with your mother doing it for you" Your father nudged into your side, his eyes, chocolate brown, his mid-length hair to one side. His smile wide as he laughed alongside your mother. "Dad you taught me some stuff with your wand, could we practise in the garden?" "Of course, your mother will be making dinner so we can then, sound good?" "Sounds Great!" You placed your new Owl's cage on the dresser by your bed, and let her out. Aryana, a snowy owl. Her eyes beautiful yellow. As you snapped out of your little flashback you looked up at her eyes and saw that tonight her eyes and feathers were shining in the moonlight. You went back into your day dream of the beginning of the week. You placed your robes and clothes into your trunk. Your rations pack was placed beside it so you could pick out some sweets for the journey. As your ran your hand down the bannister you peered over the side to see your mother dancing with your father. They looked so happy. As they stopped and just accepted each other's embrace. Your father perked up and said "It's funny, it seems like we're still the teenagers we were, spilling potions, dancing in the court yard and joking around with people like James and Lily. Now our daughter, OUR DAUGHTER is leaving us to live a path like we did." My mother kissed him and held onto him. They split as I ran down the stairs, your father motioned you to join him with your wand outside.
  2. Running towards your father outside you pulled your wand out of your pocket. "Okay first things first, we'll start with disarming opponents, got it? remember it? good, start on me" You flipped your hair out of the way "Its a disarming charm, EXPELLIARMUS!" you motioned with your wand and with that your father's went flying "Well done" he started to clap. "While I get my wand, try the spell to light your wand" "The Lumos charm. okay. Lumos" Your wand lit up and you walked towards your father "Good, Good now, the jinx I taught you." "The knockback jinx?" He nodded his head as you seemed to question your own judgement. "Here _____ try on me, i'll stand where I can land okay" he chuckled. "Okay, FLIPENDO" He flew far back and underestimated your jinx. "WOAH! where did that come from, he got up and ruffled your hair. "Last one, I think dinner will be ready soon, you peered over your shoulder to see your mother placing the cutlery on the dining table. "Which one?" you remembered another one he taught you, he seemed to realise. "Ah yes I taught you the counter, you use the first one the we can try the counter." With that you pointed your wand at your father "LEVICORPUS" you burst out laughing as your father was hoisted in the air by his ankles. "Okay now put me down with the counter" "LIBERACORPUS" your father fell flat on his face straight into the ground "Well, now you know some stuff which can help you in DADA, defense against the dark arts, AND any bullies or people messing with you. I have one more I wish to teach you. He ruffled you hair told you well done and the pair of you went in for dinner.
  3. "Clear up you two, your turn, I cleaned so YOOOOU cook" Your mother placed her bowl in the sink and left to your parents room chuckling. "I'll just use magic so we can clean up and practise the last one" "Yay, you splashed your dish into the sink and after only a few moments were joined outside by your father. "As this is more of a dangerous curse, use the dummy we made quite a while ago. Go ahead" You turned towards the dummy, your father reading a bucket to tip over what you were about to do. "CONFRINGO" The dummy burst into flames at a jet of fire came straight out of your wand. The bucket of water and a little help from your father's wand put the rest of the flames out "That's my girl!" he ruffled your hair and picked you up to hug you. "Dad, do you think i'll be in Gryffindor, like you and mum were?" You bit your lip as you thought about your parents not being proud of you if you didn't follow on like they did. "I think you have no need to worry, anyway we wouldn't be any less proud of you if you didn't make it in" He kissed your forehead and sent you to bed.
  4. Finally you had fallen asleep. You woke in the morning to have the sun light bouncing off your mirror in to your eyes. "urgh..." The sun had only recently risen and you just wanted to go back to sleep but knew you couldn't. It was only 5:30 so you jumped in the shower, put on your jeans and a plain black t-shirt and your burgundy hoodie, zipped it half way and finished preparations for your new life. It had reached 6 when you're parents woke up and made breakfast. Only your mother would be coming with you to platform 9 3/4, you're father had to return to work. Just as you were about to leave, your mum grabbed your arm "Your father and I have one last surprise" A long box was pulled from the cupboard under the stairs. You opened it to find a firebolt, one of the fastest broomsticks. "it's...I... WOW! iT'S A FIREBOLT! How did you ever afford it?! Thank you so much! I cant believe it" You were lost for words and speechless after your little outburst. You planned on joing the quidditch team. "Thought you'd like it" Your father was in his suit. "I have to go and so do you, I hope you have a great time my little un, wow... okay pumpkin weasel go before you miss your train. Wouldn't want that to happen now would we?!" You're father pointed to something by the handle of the broomstick and left before it was questioned. You looked down to see: 'Pumpkin Weasel, fly with your eyes closed. Mum and Dad x' It was their little name for you, but you didn't know what they meant by flying with you're eyes closed. Wouldn't that mean you'd get hurt? You're father had already gone by the time you looked up to question him.
  5. As you walked around kings cross with your mum you saw that there wasn't a platform of 9 3/4 that the muggles at least couldn't see. As you looked behind you a family with owls and bags like yours on trolleys were coming behind you. The family were all red heads. Their mother seemed stressed and was getting them to hurry. Your mother did the same and hurried you through the wall. "Go on, before its their turn." You ran straight into it closing your eyes. Your mum got in behind you. "See, good isn't it?" Then one of the older boys from the family joined you on the other side. As you walked closer to the train you saw loads of people your age hugging and saying goodbye to their families. Your mum helped you grab all your bags and get them on the train. "Okay, wand?" "Check" "Owl?" "Check" "Oh why do I panic, It was all there. Listen, I love you and I hope you have an amazing term, if you see Harry Potter, tell him about me and your father okay? Tell them we knew them. He might be in your class. Wow... you're really a growing girl. I love and so does your father." your mum looked like she as going to cry so you wrapped your arms around her neck as she kissed your head and held on to you. "I love you. I'll send an Owl as soon as I can! Love you" You let her go and reassured her one last time you will send her an owl. You boarded and looked behind you to see her waving. The family from before had made it all over and a boy with black hair and circular glasses. "Huh I didn't see him earlier" You waved out the window as the train left platform 9 3/4. Finally your new life could begin.
  6. You walked past cabin by cabin and none were free. you sighed and just kept walking along. Some boys about your age were iin the corridor. "Erm, can I get passed?" A boy with bleach blonde hair just looked you up and down. His grey eyes staring at you. "Er how about no?" A voice from behind him called out. He was rather chubby but he seemed like he was going to be a problem. "Crabbe leave it out" "But Draco, sh" "Shut it Crabbe. Here you can pass, just don't bother us okay?" You turned to see he was standing as tall as he could, and just snickered to yourself "I just wanted to pass" The boy Crabbe nudged you into the wall as you tried to pass but just left it. As you walked past Crabbe turned to Draco "She seems like an easy one to pester" You just ignored it, probably just being immature. Suddenly you passed a room with only three people in, a young ginger boy from earlier, the boy with the glasses and a girl with short fluffy hair. You thought that it was the closest to a not so crowded carriage and knocked. The ginger boy looked up as he was stuffing his face with sweets. "Hi, sorry im _____ i couldn't find an empty carriage, and really yours looks like the most empty one. Do you mind if i join? I have sweets" You smiled and they just nodded "Im Hermione Granger" She held out her hand and you shook it being as nice as you could. Her hair was quite short yet quite untamed. She smiled at you, maybe you were the only girl she had talked to so far? The ginger boy with blue eyes wiped his hands and stuck his hand out, "Ron Weasley, nice to meet you" and finally the boy in the corner you recognised. "Sorry, I'm Harry, Harry Potter" His forest green eyes hid behind his glasses, his black hair seemed to cover a small scar but it was like he didn't want people seeing it. Suddenly you realised, THIS is the boy who lived, the potter boy. The one with the lightening scar.
  7. You were laughing and joking when a chocolate frog had jumped out of the packet and landed on Ron's leg. "bloody hell, how much food do you have?! Seriously the bag doesn't seem to end" you laughed at Ron's face as he picked up the chocolate frog. A boy our age suddenly knocked on the door "Hi, sorry I just need to ask if you've seen Trevor?" He said sheepishly. Hermione introduced Neville and everyone shook their heads as no one had seen his precious toad. "Sorry Neville, can't help you, but he will turn up soon, try not to worry" You flashed him a shy, reassuring smile. After about 10 minutes as Neville came by the train started to come to a halt. We had finally made it. It's time for a new chapter in life.
  8. Everything was taken off the train, you had Aryana, your trunk and everything else. Your stuff was placed somewhere and you had changed into your robes. "Feels weird being in these robes" You made the comment to Hermione who just laughed, "Well, it will be a change from blending in with muggles" People started to head to the Great Hall. Albus Dumbledore gave an amazing welcoming speech."Nitwit, Bubbler, Oddment, tweak" were the few words I could recall from his speech. The sorting began. "Harry Potter?" Hary went forward, he begged the sorting hat to not put him in Slytherin, he was put into Gryffindor after Hermione and Ron. Your turn. You suddenly felt your legs turn to jelly. Your mum and Dad were in Gryffindor, now you HAD to be there. "Ahhhh this a Gryffindor child, hmmm has a temper but controls it, strong mind she has a lot to offer. Maaaaaybe she belongs in Slytherin" You began to beg just like Harry "Ah no I see you're Cassidy and Edard's daughter. Hmm I think you belong in Gryffindor" You felt amazing! You joined Hermione, Ron and Harry who were clapping alongside everyone else. "How did he know my parent's names?" Harry just shrugged and we watched as the rest of the first year were put into their houses.
  9. You were taken to your common rooms then shown your dormitories. Your bed was placed next to Hermione's. You began to unpack and left half the dresser for Hermione and Half the wardrobe unless she wanted to negotiate, but instead you both agreed to the arrangements and kept unpacking. You got you broomstick out and Hermione just stopped "Isnt that a firebolt?" "Yeah, haha my mum and dad somehow afforded it, im trying out for the quidditch team. I either want to be a seeker or a chaser" Hermione carried on unpacking. The pair of you went to the common room and joined up with Harry, Ron and a Gryffindor prefect. They were handing out the schedules. "This looks fun, we al have to take Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy and Herbology. It will be great" Hermione pointed out we had the same schedule and headed to the courtyard with Harry Ron and Neville. You wanted to just explore and see what sort of place we were going to be living in for quite a while. You left the common room and began to walk around. Out of nowhere something grabbed you and pulled you back. "Carpe Retractum" You were dragged back by something and fell onto your back. You opened your eyes to see
  10. Urgh Draco and his little crew from the train. As you got up and brushed off the dirt another spell was thrown your way "Everte Statum" This time Draco burst out laughing as you were knocked backwards and hit your head on the wall "What is your problem? I have done nothing to you!" You screamed as his group just laughed. The laughing stopped and suddenly they started walking, speed walking then running towards you. In an instant you got up and started running. You tried to fight back "Flipendo" The group were thrown back but you had to disarm Draco before he could get you before you got away, "Expelliarmus" His wand hit the grass. You run for as long as you could. You reached the black lake and saw a tree to hide behind. As you sat on the floor you wished for nothing to be back at home. You felt your throat as it started to clog up and tighten. "Not here, not today" You shook your head violently to keep the tears from falling but that didn't stop one rolling down your cheek. Holding your knees close to your chest you noticed someone was watching. "Ar....are you okay?" The voice was familiar, ah yes Neville. He took abother step closer. "Im fine" You wiped away the tear stain on your cheek buy that couldn't hide you eyes were a little red and your rosy cheeks had flustered from the tightening of your throat. "You can talk to me if you want. I don't mind, I listen." He sat by your side. You just opened up to him how you already hated it here and just wanted to go home. You both talked and laughed till dinner. He was someone you could talk to, laugh with and definitely trust.
  11. The first full day at Hogwarts and you have a lesson with Professor Snape. Harry complained yesterday at dinner that when he caught the stare from Snape, his scar from Voldemort began to hurt. it just stung. The lesson went.... greeeeat. It.Was.Terrible. The boys were told off and it as clear you didn't want to go against Snape. Hermione was great at potions, you were on the same table and she helped you do your potion. The pair of you were joking and laughing yet you were both actually serious to get on with the work. After Potions Harry and Ron decide they were going to see Hagrid. They both come back looking puzzled, "whats wrong? Did something happen down at Hagrids?" You ask trying to guess what could have possibly happened. "Stuff was stolen from Gringotts Bank. It was straight after we had got stuff from my parents account. Hagrid took a small box, that's it really." The golden three and yourself carried on talking and made your way back inside.
  12. As the year progressed it was obvious that Snape was not fond of Harry, one bit. Hagrid told him over and over there was nothing to worry about, he was just being paranoid over Snape's behaviour. Snape was very... how do we put it. Blank. He wasn't really fond of anyone who wasn't in Slytherin. A flying lesson was finally here. Madam Hooch came over and was walking between the two lines. You stood near Hermione with Ron next to her and Harry next to him. "Good Morning class, and welcome to your first flying lesson. Now hurry along stand to the left side of your broom and place your right hand over your brrom and say 'up' The broom should fly up to your hand. Got it? Good. Now. Go on" Everyone was standing by their brooms hand over and all at once everyone started to say 'up'. Harry's broom as well as Draco's shot up quite fast. Your straight after. Your father taught you how to mount and call your broom but he didn't have enough time to teach you how to fly as well as he could. You knew the basics so when told to mount it, hold tight and kick off you knew what you had to do. You turned to see how Ron and Hermione were doing. Ron's broom shot up and hit him on the face. Harry snickered and so did you but Ron just turned to Harry "Harry Shut up" Then turned to you with a stern face slightly curving into a smile. "On my whistle I want you to grab tight of your broom, kick off HARD then lean forward. Once completed you must come back down to the ground. Okay, on my whistle" She blew her whistle hard and before anyone else was able to even mount theirs, Neville's broom shot up and suddenly started to throw him around. "Mister Longbottom, control your broom and come down now" Madam Hooch ordered him but he couldn't seem to control it at all and just let out small whimpers as he was thrown around. The broom took Neville up and around the grounds. Through an archway then shot up. The broom slipped from Neville's grasp. He fell to get caught on a spike n a spear. When he realised what had happened, all of you just stared scared he would get hurt. The robes that were keeping Neville from falling tore. He got caught on the next bit down then fell to the floor. he let out a scream as the class gathered around him. "Out of the way!" Madam Hooch called as she pushed past all of the gawping students. "Okay let's get you up" Neville couldn't move and just whimpered as she took hold of him "Ah it's okay just a broken wrist. Lets get you to the infirmary.` No one leaves the ground, am I clear? They will be expelled before they can say Quidditch".
  13. "Hmm if that fat lump gave it a squeeze it might have helped him remember to land on his fat bottom" Draco laughed as he held up a small ball. It was Neville's remembrall. "Give it here Malfoy" Harry stepped up to Draco. "Draco, give it to Harry. There's no need for it. Just put down." You backed up Harry as Draco just eyed you. "No, I think I'll leave it somewhere for longbottom to find" With that he mounted his broom and flew around the group "How about the roof?" His group of Slytherin followers snickered and watched him fly up. "Draco Malfoy bring it back. It's not yours and you don't have the right" Draco looked down at you as you called out to him but shook his head and ignored you like you never said it. "What's the matter Potter? Bit beyond your reach?" He stared at Harry as he flew higher up and up. Harry couldn't take the taunts anymore and mounted his broom. "Harry, no way." Hermione attempted to stop him "You heard what Madam Hooch said, besides you don't even know how to fly" Hermione started to give him a stern look, "Come off it Harry just leave it, we'll tell madam Hooch afterwards" You couldn't stop him from kicking off as he flew towards Draco who was now rising above the class. "What an idiot" Hermione turned to you as you scoffed at how he was going to get himself into trouble. From above you watched as Harry threatened to throw Draco off his broom. "Is that so?" Draco juggled Neville's remembrall and dodged as Harry went to grab it off him. "Have it your way then." Draco threw the remembrall as hard as possible, people on the ground started to lose sight of it.
  14. The ball was flying towards a wall but somehow Harry was able to grab it. A faint figure was standing by the window watching what was going on. You thought you were imagining things so when Harry came back to land you joined the class running towards him cheering. Everyone except for Draco. "Harry Potter, come with me" Everyone stopped and turned to Professor Mcongall with a sincere smile on her face. Harry started to follow her as she motioned for him. "I knew this would end badly" Hermione just slapped her forehead and Ron started to look pretty worried as he twiddled is thumbs. Draco was joking about with his group. "Draco Malfoy. This is YOUR FAULT! IF HE'S EXPELLED I promise you will regret it!" You were now face to face with Draco. Your temper had snapped and it was at someone you thought wouldn't happen. "Ha like you can do anything about it. Do you know my father?" He scoffed trying to threaten you. "My father works for the ministry of magic. Unfortunately he DOES." You shoved Draco and took hold of Hermione and Ron and walked away when it was time to go.
  15. HEEEEEY people sorry to end it there. This is my first quiz. Hoped you liked it. I'm uploading Pt.2 Later today so you can follow it on. Keep the magic in your blood! Any suggestions please comment. Toodles!

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