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  • i got a bob. not bad, but right now i have layers and i think they look good already.

    Reesepuffs Aug 18 '12, 10:13PM
  • Same as KaylaEnoki.
    I am the complete opposite of 'preppy', and with my wavy hair, a bob would be horrible. The shortest I've gone would be considered an 'overgrown' bob, and it was cute I guess... after I spent 3 hours taming it. Yeah... no.

    DreamsAndThings Aug 14 '12, 10:35PM
  • I got bob, and I do not see myself looking like that. Plus, I try at all costs not to be preppy. However, layers and long hair were very close seconds and that is what I have (long) and what I'm working on (layers).

    KaylaEnoki Jul 1 '11, 4:09PM
  • I got layers, and long second. Hmm not bad :)
    Cool quiz, and plus I'm going into my teens so I guess I need to do something at least different with my hair.. But I'm not girly so I dun give much attention to my hair, middle school is filled with enough work already.
    teehee ;)

    lilfreakgryl Nov 24 '10, 3:37PM
  • When you take the quiz you know what you are going to get 5/10 stars

    pancake098 Nov 24 '10, 2:37PM
  • a bob??? i dont think imma look right with a bob

    nadia410 Nov 11 '10, 6:25PM
  • layers! my hair is layered. I don't wear it down though. its to curly.

    skittles15 Nov 11 '10, 1:57PM
  • short hair that comes by your chin is a bob btw.... I got long hair.. witch i have BIG SURPRIZE!!!

    illly Jun 5 '10, 9:50PM
  • wats a bob???

    tomboy9876 Jun 5 '10, 5:31PM
  • long hair... really? no. i like hair that's not long but not really short either... like shoulder length. it looks good in me.

    id rather get layers.

    sugarnspice22 Jun 5 '10, 12:26PM
  • layers.
    oh... Jennette29, check out "bob haircut" or "Cebebrities who have bob haircuts" on Google. Kate Gosselin had a bob. And I think Rihanna did or does, too.

    tomboykaitie Jun 5 '10, 11:01AM
  • i HAD long hair and long hair on me looks like i got ran- over- by- a -bus so NO thank you!

    xXvampiregirlXx May 17 '10, 9:54PM
  • omg thx u so much! i got a bob and it really wirks 4 me

    starwars1fan May 17 '10, 6:50PM
  • omg thx u so much! i got a bob and it really wirks 4 me

    starwars1fan May 17 '10, 6:49PM
  • hey i have layers

    alegnageno Mar 17 '10, 8:53PM
  • bob... =O

    Feygoddess Mar 17 '10, 4:58PM
  • ewwww why a bob. i have long brown hair i would not want an ugly bob. i hate it when people get bobs it's so ugly!

    hollister Mar 17 '10, 4:25PM
  • ewww a bob would look soo ugly on my head! my hair is already long enough (well it's past my shoulders...)

    x_brii_x Mar 17 '10, 7:30AM
  • bleh i dont want a friggin bob cut!!!!!!!!!!

    xevx Feb 23 '10, 11:38PM
  • Your Result: long hair
    You should get long hair! You are girly and depend on your hair for looks! Keeping it long can get old but come up with fun ponytails like wrapping some hair around the elastic or in a messy high bun! This gives you tons of options! Grow your hair out but if you are not patient, just get extentions!

    am azing quiz! i already have pretty long hair, and its REALLY wavy/curly so i just strighten it. im a blonde, yes. i dont want wierd long hair, but i want long hair that acually popular.

    vampirefreak1997 Feb 18 '10, 7:00PM
  • What's a bob?

    Jennette291 Dec 26 '09, 1:52PM
  • awesome!!i was planning to get a bob in the summer!!i wanna get it layered and long swept bangs covereing one eye...hahaha =-)

    xxobsessivetlxx Dec 26 '09, 12:59AM

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