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  • Sooo this doesn't work for boys,plus in a lot of questions there was missing answers(the ones i would have taken).For example there wasn't Rock/Metal music in music choice,orange-black in colors (plus only one of em didn't have pink...),gaming as hobby...

    chosebinne Apr 25 '18, 7:42PM
  • @rockerdude345
    Tha ts true actually, and i am a girl...

    Mini Minion Jun 5 '16, 11:06AM
  • Sry ! Idnt wnt this haircut

    M da HERO Oct 17 '15, 5:27AM
  • Well I got the "long hair style" witch i totally love and want! Thank you this quiz helped me so much!! :D
    -kitty paw101-

    Kittypaw101 Mar 4 '15, 4:24PM

    chinese77 Feb 11 '15, 4:18PM
  • I tried this quiz for my 13 year old son. Even though there an option to choose gender, it doesn't work for boys. I admit that I tried to rate the quiz with only 1 star, but it wouldn't allow it. It self-rated with 5 stars.
    Good luck with creating the quiz.

    mamama Feb 1 '15, 5:50PM
  • bon. ohmigosh. i took this qyuz when i had hair down to mid-back. i know am commenting with a bob. people say best choice ever!!! i love this quiz and style thanks so much!!! :)

    gcot1376 Dec 29 '14, 10:45PM
  • layer...hmm..yes..b t my hairstyle..is already..this...peo ple..say...its...su it..me....i...like. .this....quiz...rea lly

    love family Dec 9 '14, 10:25AM
  • Bob cut. Cx

    TheLoveOfBands Dec 6 '14, 10:42AM
  • Yuck layers... I'm not sporty e.e

    Cloverbreeze Oct 31 '14, 9:27PM
  • "Curly"......I never wore a curly wig....I've got to try one now.
    I'm a male cross dresser, I didn't think of this...lol

    Stefie Sep 20 '14, 12:12AM
  • a 88% bob no thanks lol

    jubilee Jul 26 '14, 2:05PM
  • also why is there even an option for like if you want short or long or wavy etc, this quiz is supposed to give you your result purely based on personality and yet most of the questions had nothing to do with personality

    anonnnyo4trhnbkn Jul 17 '14, 5:09PM
  • weird... i selected that i wanted a hairstyle that was long and i got bob... i also said no bangs and it was recommended? um

    anonnnyo4trhnbkn Jul 17 '14, 5:07PM
  • Are there even any boy hair styles in there? I didn't see any..

    rockerdude345 Mar 29 '14, 7:31PM
  • I got bob, which is what I want to get, so good quiz!! :) I've always had long hair, though, so it's going to feel sooo different!!

    kbay19 Jul 2 '13, 5:04PM
  • Haha epic! I got bob :) I've actually thought about getting a shorter haircut but am too scared. Advice?!?!?!

    GrayArtist Jan 26 '13, 11:23PM
  • Bob! That's actually what I wanted! Cool quiz! 10/10!

    Dark_Vampire101 Dec 27 '12, 6:31PM
  • bob...no way:( i hav long hairs nd i love my hairstyle.i look pretty with long hairs

    mariam2071 Dec 18 '12, 7:51AM
  • long hair...it's true. just have to grow it out...

    Unexpected Oct 27 '12, 1:35PM
  • haha yeah layers
    thats what i already have lol but i wouldn't say its for sports
    i didnt choose any of the sporty answers

    LittleMissPunk Oct 19 '12, 10:11AM
  • Long hair, cool I've had long hair forever but thanks for the ideas!

    Miss carrot Oct 8 '12, 3:42PM

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